Buffalo Trace Trail opening Oct. 3

French LickFrench Lick / West Baden Resort will be opening the first of many mountain bike trails on Saturday October 3rd at 1:00PM.

The Trail is named Buffalo Trace due to the Buffalo Trace that ran through the property.


The trail is spectacular.  French Lick hired Alex Stewart and provided the equipment, materials, and labor to build the trail.  It is a 6+ mile trail that climbs to the top of the West Side of Mt Airie.  With more elevation than Hesitation Point, Alex built a trail with his signature flow.  The tread is easy, and the grades are kept at 5%, so beginner riders will be at home on the trail.  Advanced riders will finish the climb a bit faster and the when they open up on the descent, will find Alex’s rewards for speed.

The key to making the most of the French Lick / West Baden experience is to indulge in the whole experience.  Eat a meal in the West Baden Resort, hit the pool, have drinks at one of the bars, take in the history, walk the grounds, or pamper yourself at the spa.

Its very clear that the Resort is not interested in any thing less than world class.  The first trail is just the start and French Lick is committed to expanding the trails until they are a world class mountain bike destination.

Please put October 3rd on your calendar and see yet another great trail in Indiana.

Thanks to Paul and HMBA for the info.

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