I love to ride bikes. I also enjoy drinking some cold beverages and bowling. I raced mountain bikes all through the 90’s. I got tired of driving 4-6 hours to race 1.5-2 hours and started driving 1.5 to 2 hours to ride 4-6 hours and stopped racing. I had two kids and decided to not be away all weekend riding and stopped riding. It didn’t take long for me to realized that I needed to be on a bike, so I picked up a bmx bike and started racing bmx.

After a couple of broken collar bones and tired of all the driving to Nationals with the high cost of entry fees, I decided to stop racing bmx. This had me pick up an old mountain bike and start riding again. I am not as fast or skinny as I used to be, but can still ride a bike. I started to enjoy riding a rigid singlespeed and having a blast. The interest of racing came back in to the picture and soon the thought that I needed more bike. Now I mix my time between a geared hard tail and a singlespeed, with plenty of time thrown in on a road bike and a SS cross bike.

Lately I am also leaning back toward more longer MTB events than the shorter XC races. I am still not as fast as I need to be, but I tend to do better at longer events than short sprint type races. I continue to try and improve each year. Maybe some day I will be back to the speed that I used to be, but I am sure it will never be fast enough.


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