O’Bannon Woods first look

Rocky Ridge Trail

Rocky Ridge Trail

I headed down to O’ Bannon woods this weekend to check out the new trail. I have heard lots of good things about the new trails and the future possibilities for even more trail to come. I have wanted to make the trip down there for the last few weeks, but things kept getting in the way. After seeing the trail I sure wish that I could have made it down there sooner. With the long term plan for the area, this place will be a great destination and still be close to home.

This trail is not just a smooth beginner trail, but a real trail with all kinds of good stuff to keep everyone interested. There are some fast flowing stuff, some nice extended climbs and some rocky fun sections. There is one section on the Rocky Ridge loop that is back to back rock gardens and out croppings to ride. I think some sections will get a little smother with a little more tires rolling on them and there some sections that it will not matter how many tires roll on it.

I was rolling the SS rigid and it sure beat me up. Everything was not too bad, but the 1/2 of the loop with all of the rocks sure took a toll on me. I still rode everything fairly well, but as the number of laps kept adding up, it was getting harder and harder to keep going. I am sure my body will feel that ride for a few days, but it was well worth it. I also did something that I have not done in a while and ended up doing it twice. I was too busy looking around at everything and ended up hitting my hand on a tree. Actually I ended up hitting both hands on a tree at different times. Now both of my little fingers are going to turn black and blue. The sections that I did that in were some good old tight single track, so it was all good. I put in just under 35 miles for the day and met a new biker to ride with in the future. I will be making more trips down there. That is good training ground for future Pisgah trips.

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