So much for racing

Well I thought I was going to race last weekend, but mother nature had other ideas. The race director decieded to move the race to another weekend. I know that did not make several people happy, but I feel it was for the trails best interest. The trail had a new section that was just completed and all the rain that we received would have destroyed that section of trail. That is one of the things I didn’t like about racing. I was always checking the weather before a race and normally it looked like rain. So, you have to decided to drive a long way to maybe race in a muddy mess or would it be sunny and not like home? Hard to say.

Since I didn’t race that only left my ride on Monday. I met up with Damon and headed off to Brown County State Park. It was some much needed woods time. I always love riding BCSP because that place is just so much fun. You can just cruise and go with the flow. There is actually sections of trail that you can coast going up a climb. That is if you pump it correctly and keep your speed. I has been since the Breakdown last year. There were some big changes to the Schooner Trace since my last look at it. That section of trail is so sweet!! They say it is modeled after Squirrel Gap and I believe they are as close as anything I have rode. This section of trail is not for everyone. There is a sweet rock garden switch back at the entrance. It is like telling you that if you think this is too hard to try, then maybe you don’t want to head down this trail.

We had a great day in the woods. We ended up riding just about every section of trail and came in right at 32 miles. I wish this trail was closer to me so I would ride it more often. The only thing I would think that might be bad about here is the fact that I am sure it get’s a lot of traffic on weekends. I can hardly wait for the new trail at French Lick to open since it is supposed to be similar to BCSP in design.

Heading out for Ferdinand Thursday night for a ride if it does not get rained out. The HMBA century is on Saturday and then I am doing the 62 mile route for the Strassenfest ride on Sunday. Should be an easy weekend.

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