Back in the racing seat

Well it seems that I am going to throw on my XC racing hat again this weekend. I am really not sure why I feel compelled to race this weekend, but I am. I do want to check out the trails at Versailles, but I could  actually make a trip over there anytime and put a full day in. The plan is to ride in the sport class or what they call CAT 2 now. I have not raced since 2005 and several years before that. I just figured that if I am making the trip, I might as well get some more miles in. I am not there to win anyway.

The next thought I have been having is what bike should I take. The origional plan was to take the NRS becuase I am sure I would be faster with it. But, my alternate motive for going is to see the trail that will be the 24 hour Dino race this year. I plan on racing in the solo class and would love to do it on the 1×1. It seems that there would be no better way to see how well I would ride the 1×1 there then to actually ride it when I am there. the only thought I have against that is the fact that I have not been on it too much yet this year. All of my training rides for the Rain ride have kepts me out of the woods. I do plan on putting on a ton of miles on it at Ferdinand before that time of the year is here. So, I guess I could look at it as if I ride well now, I should do even better then.

Right now I am leaning in to taking the 1×1, but part of me would still like to do well and that part might talk me in to taking the NRS.

I am taking off work on Monday and heading to Brown County for a full day in the woods. I hope I don’t burn myself out in the race on Sunday. It really does not matter since Monday’s ride is a enjoy the ride type of ride. I can’t wait to see how the expert loop is looking since the last time I was there. Too bad I don’t have that new camera to take some good pictures.

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  1. Eric Wever says:

    Hey BC,

    Update your blogroll…. My new ride log is at

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