Great ride in the woods feeling like a duck

Kept and eye on the weather all day and watching the rain come down out side on and off. Just as the dark clouds would blow by and the sun would start to come out, another dark cloud would head out way. The radar on line didn’t show that much in the area until later, but what does that know.

Well after several conversations and concerns it was finally decided that it really did not matter and some wanted to ride anyway. So, we all headed to the meeting spot and met up for the ride. I was running a little late because I had a stop to make on the way, but shortly after I got there, we were on our way. The rain started right before we left and everyone was wondering just what we were doing, but I was there and ready to have some fun. That we did! There was two new riders that have not been out there too many times. But, they did great and didn’t complain.

I could not have been happier with my riding. It was the closest that I have been to doing a lap out there and almost climbing every hill. I have climbed everything out there one time or another, but I have not put that together in the same ride. To night I did everything except two little sections on some tough hills. Now, we did not do a complete lap, but it was very close. I normally don’t have any problems climbing the stuff in the section that we skipped, but it might play a part in my legs being too tired to climb a few of the other hills. Hard telling, but I am still happy. I hope to keep at it and put together a full lap climbing everything or two laps together and climbing most hills.

I have a lot of riding to do if I think I want to do the 24 hour race solo and on the 1×1.

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