getting closer

Well, a few more parts showed up for the Proflex and I ordered a set of Conti’s for it too, so that should just about finish up what I need. I cleaned up the cranks and set up the shifters and brakes. I think the brakes need a little adjustment yet, but that will wait until I have the tires on. It is actually starting to look like a bike. I am ready to test it out as soon as I get tires put on it.

That might not be as easy as I would like. The problem is the weather has been too cold for me lately. I guess I need to just man up and go ride. But, night rides with the temps below 20 does not excite me. I think this weekend is supposed to be a little better, so maybe I can get out with the sun up.

One issue I might have is being torn between what bike to ride. On one hand I have the Proflex that I am excited to test out and on the other I have my SS looking at me in disgust for leaving it sit there for so long. I really want to see how well I can ride it. I know I have a lot of work to get where I want to be with my riding and it it even farther to get there on my singlespeed. Oh well, I guess we will just have to see.

Here it is just a few day’s into the new year and I am already backing out of some races. I do have the itch to do a hundie or at least the short version of one. Money and the lack of confidence that I will be ready in time is trying to talk me out of doing one. The Fools Gold is the race I wanted to do because it is later in the year, but the total cost for me to go and take the wife is a higher then what I can spend on a race. If I could find someone from around here that is going that might make a difference. The Mohican looks like my best bet, but I would need to register by the end of next week. It is also the end of May, that just seems so close. I guess I could be ready in time?

I wish Kentucky would get some of their races listed. That is probably the best bet for me to hit a few regular XC races. Right now the schedule is full of good looking road races. I hope that I have find some dirt in there someplace.

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