Trail work

Well the weather warmed up this weekend, but it brought along some rain with it. Saturday I did some trail work at Ferdinand. There are two re-routes that we want to get done this winter. Bench cutting is one heck of a good work out!! I am sure I will be out there all the weekends I can until the work is done.

I really should work in some of my own trail work. I have a lot of potential in my back yard, but it needs some work. The trail I have now is a little on the short side, but if I would add the sections that I want to add, it could be a lot of fun. It would also be a good place to get the boy to start trail riding. Maybe this will be the year! what ever…..

The Proflex is looking real good now! I put the new skins on it this weekend. That sure does make it look good! All I need to do now is adjust the brakes and then line up the levers/shifters where I want them. Then I will be ready for a good test ride. I’ll put is on my scale to night and see how it fairs compared to the NRS. Not that it really matters what it weighs, but I am sure it will be lighter, just not sure how much.

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