Pieces and parts

Well the Proflex is getting closer. I ordered some brake levers and shifters that I needed. I had a little time and figured that I would start the big swap. I have parts from three different bikes getting shifted around to make 3 different bikes, but at the same time the same bikes I had. Go figure.

I had done some of the work that is needed to be done last week some time. I pulled the Girvin fork off of the Proflex, pulled the Palmer fork off of the SS and put the rigid fork back on.

This next step was started by putting the carbon riser bars on the SS because I will be using the riser bars on that for the Proflex. After that was done, I put the Girvin fork on the Caloi and took off the brakes and stem. I basically finished up the Caloi except for the rear brake. I need to get some new hoses for the rear Magura rim brake.

After a quick test ride on the rollers, I pulled the Proflex down and started working on that. I put on the fork, stem, bars and brakes. I need to wait for my parts to come in and have some cleaning to do, but it is much closer to being ready to ride.

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