Boograss Dash


Last weekend I participated in the inaugural Boo Grass Dash. I was teamed up with McLovin’s to form the team Eric squared. This event was modeled off of a former Sub 9 and now Dino series event the Death March. This is a back road/gravel race where you have to make it to check points that are cemetery’s. You were given map containing a list of stops before the race. It was up to you on how to would get to each one (or the ones you were going to make). At sign up you drew a card that had a letter on it. Your special challenge was to find a tombstone with a last name that starts with that letter. Sometimes this was a lot harder than you would think.

The weather was a little cooler than it had been, but it was a beautiful day once the sun was out in full force. I knew there would be mostly paved road and some gravel road sections so I rode the cross bike. I was still a little beefier than I needed with the 40’s on there, but they were already on there and I didn’t really have anything else to change to that I liked. I had planned on a 50 mile day with a couple other guys, a lot more vibe of a group ride than an actual race. Even though we were not “racing” the four of us didn’t go that slow and other than a couple cemetery’s that we struggled to find our names, we were moving at a fair pace.

Overall it was just a fun day on the bike. You could not ask for much more. Good times with some good people and great weather, just what anyone would want. Roads were pretty good to ride. There was not too many cars and most of them did a very good job of passing. I was not familiar with this area, but know that a lot of people ride the Bluegrass area. Maybe that is why the drivers did a better job as they are used to seeing bikers. That is better than a bunch of angry drivers because they see a bunch of bikers.

After the race they had chili and cookies for the racers that was very good. It was a very fun and chill event. Tiffany and Kayla did a great job on their first event and I hope they continue to host some races. I’m sure the turn out was not as good as they had hoped, but they are planning on tweaking a few things for next year to try and bring a few more people out. I know there were several people that I thought would be there that didn’t make it. I knew people are busy, but for the amount of riders in the Evansville area I personally was a little disappointed that the crowd was not bigger. I guess maybe the rock scared some of them off. Their loss.

I was pleasantly surprised with my first podium appearance of the year. With the way this year has gone maybe I can not be such a stranger to podiums next year. I want to thank Tiffany and Kayla for taking the initiative to put something like this on. I am sure with a few tweaks more people with show up next year. I know it is not easy to try and work all of this stuff out and worry about trying to make everyone happy, but you did a fantastic job. I also want to thank Scheller’s for helping with the prizes and hosing a sag stop. See you at next years race!


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