Starting another year

Sorry updates have been few and far between. I have been busy and there has not been as many good things that I feel I need to put down. The end of 2014 was not too exciting. I did get a few rides in, but not near enough and I made up for that with eating way more than I should. The weight is up from where I thought I would be right now, but not too much. I am trying to keep it down, but so far all I am doing is keeping it in a holding pattern. Up a few pounds and then down a few. I just can’t keep the trend moving down, but I am not giving up. The more I can hold it now the easier it will be to start the season out in a better position than last year.

I have been working out more than normal, but not as much as I would like. I have been trying to increase that since I have my winter training camp coming up. Camp is supposed to be a kick start to the season, but I can’t just wing it. It will not be easy and the better shape I am in, the more fun it will be. I just hope the weather is what it should be.

The Misfit SS is back rolling again and will be put to use. The Fuji CX bike is almost healed up and ready for more fun. I still have some more bike work to get in, but a little at a time is better than nothing.

The race schedule for 2015 is looking like there will be a lot of chances to get in some good racing with out traveling as far as some years. That is a good thing for me since this will be the most traveling we have done so far for soccer. I just hope that there is not as much overlap as last year. Either way, I am sure it will be another busy year.

Make sure and head over to and check out the Team’s new blog page. You will find most of my posts over there, but you will also find some other good info and interesting stories. Speaking of the team, here is the current team sponsor list for this year.

Main Sponsor-
Adventures Recreation & Gear, Jasper

Secondary Sponsors- Ask for- Craig Thompson
Klem Signs, Fulda IN

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