Going out with a bang

I have been wanting to get back to posting more often. It has not been easy with how much stuff has been going on. I am going to give this site another try just because it should be easier to share with the new team site that is being put together. I just need to try to put a little more effort to getting a few more posts done. I can’t believe how long it has been since I have last posted. I was talking about the end of the season, but I still have one more big race to go. This is a race that I have done since it started. I had no idea what I was in for and was in no shape to actually sign up for it, but I have found a love/hate relationship that I just can’t walk away from.

Sub 9 had taken over the Gravel Grovel a few years ago. This race has grown a lot since the first time I lined up in the parking lot just out side the Story Inn. But, I have changed a lot since then too. I have put in more miles each year and continue to get back in to the riding shape that I once was. This year I have put in more volume of miles and I really hope that it pays off come Thanksgiving weekend. I have not put in near the time on the mtb, but I have  have put in some great rides on the road bike. I am hoping that this will put me some place in the middle of where I have been in past years.

I started the year off riding really good and felt the best I have ever done for the Death March. I fell off thee wagon a little after that, but jumped back on and put in some good efforts. I did a few races, but not near what I would have done in past years. I was feeling pretty good with myself near the end of the season, but once again things started to get in the way and I have recently not put in the miles that I need too. I have still been getting out some, but the weight is going up and the miles are going down. I try to make up for the lack of rides by putting good ones in when I do go, but I am not sure if it will be enough.

I have also added a bike to the stables just for this race and this type of riding. I have wanted a cross bike for a few years and the stars just aligned enough and next thing I knew there was one in my possession. The first ride didn’t work out as planned, but with a few tweaks I figured there is still a chance. I have put a few more rides in on it and it just keeps getting better. I just hope the legs are working as good as the bike is. I can see where some benefits will be, but also where some negative things can be.

This bike rolls much faster than the mtb. This also make the traction less and more sketchy on the down hills. I have since put some bigger tires on it and that made a huge difference. The gearing is also higher and all the big climbs will b harder, but from what I learned on the SS bike is if I can climb them I will be faster since it is in a bigger gear. I just hope I don’t have to walk anything or at least too many hills.

My goal has been to put in a sub 5 hour ride. At one point I figured it was very doable, but I am not so sure anymore. Last weekend we went out and did a nice 45 mile route that was not flat, but not as hilly as the Gravel Grovel. It got down to where I needed to put in the last 20 miles in a time that seemed hard to do. This makes me really wonder if I can do it. I know there was some time stopped trying to figure out if we were making the correct turns, but I am sure I will stop at a rest stop or two. I just have to not stay too long. I will find out in a little over 2 weeks. I am going to give it a good try and see what happens.

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