2014 The year of conflicts

Well I guess this is just not going to be a good year for some things. The year started off terrible and it seems it is not getting a whole lot better, but I am trying to do the best I can. As you can probably tell by the lack of posts this year, the bike thing is not working out to well so far. The year seems to be full of conflicts and issues that will prevent me from getting in the condition I need to be and also will keep me from racing as much as I would like. It seem like there is always something, be it someone thinking I did or said things that I did not say or do.Then there is always the weather getting in the way for a large percentage of the very few days that I have available to get some miles in. I am not sure how much it really matters anyway since it seems that even with several options to race, there are a ton of overlapping items in my schedule on race days.

It is a shame too. With my trip to Florida in February, I had a great start on my base. I was feeling good and had the best time at Death March I have ever had. But, shortly after that I had too much going on and had a gap of riding. I felt like I had lost a lot of what good I did. I have since then been working on improving he legs when I could. I could always work harder, but some times that is not as easy as it should be.

Since the Death March, I have not been on a mtb. I currently don’t even have one that is operational with out some work. I have been spending all of my riding time on a road bike. I have even ended up with a new bike to ride. I have been wanting one, but didn’t expect that a road bike would be the next purchase. I was really thinking a new mtb would have been first. Maybe it should have been, but I could not pass up this bike and it would have been a while before I could have purchased the mtb that I should buy. I think the road miles have been good, but I still need to get more time on a bike, any bike.

This weekend is the start of the Dino series and the Kentucky series. I didn’t plan on making the trip up north for the Dino race, but I had some high hopes to attend the Kentucky races. I could make it, but in stead I am going to be a good dad and spend the day watch a soccer game. I looked in to what it would take to do both, but it just is not a good idea. I can only hope that with all the rain this week that the race gets moved to another weekend where I don’t have 4 other things already going on. I really need to try and get a better idea as to what races I can attend and I also plan on seeing what road races are near by on the weekend that I do have some free time. Maybe if the mtb season is going to be an issue, there might be some road stuff I can make. Hard telling. Those races are probably on the same weekends that are already booked.

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