Snow Ride

With all the snow that came down last week, I tried to get out for a snow ride. It didn’t go too bad, but it was hard to keep traction going up. The next day you could not see any of my tracks and it was too deep to ride. After a few more days, I figured the snow settled down and would be better for a ride. I headed out to give it a try. I started out on the SS. I could go pretty good, but climbing was still not easy, but better than the other day.

After a few trips around, the trail kept getting better to ride. On one time around the fast section, I lost traction in the front end and slid out. When I got up, the front wheel was flat. I am not sure if I got a flat tire when I lost traction or if the flat tire caused the slide out. I knew the front tire was on the low side of pressure, but I figured it would be good for traction. I then had to push the bike back to the house and get the Niner.

This section started to experience some freeze/thaw and the top layer was getting slick. I limited my trips down the hill and kept from climbing. It was not that hard to limit my trips down since the effort it took to get to this point was adding up. The other sections were easier to roll and the snow still covered those sections better. This section has less tree coverage and is the first section that will get sun light, so it was not that shocking it was getting soft quick. I still made the most of it and got a good ride in. It was good to get a ride in while I could since it decided to rain the next day. All the trails are now bare and very soft.

On Sunday I took advantage of some free time and soft trails to do some trail work. I worked on a new section I have been doing some work on. I made some good headway, but it will need to dry out before I can give it a try. The second half of the new section is not quite ready, but it is closer than it was. I need to do some more bench cutting on one section before it will be ready to ride. I am really looking forward to getting this section open. It will be an easier section and should add some distance that does not have so much climbing. I still have several other lines pictured in my head that I hope to continue to put in.

The trail has been great to have and I hope to continue to get the benefits of having it around. The plan is to do a better job of staying in shape over the winter and even improving myself as much as I can. It would be good to start the year off ahead of where I was last year. One of the things that keeps me from riding in the winter other than not liking my rollers or trainer is being cold. Mainly my feet are the issue. I have always wanted some nice winter riding shoes, but just could not work them in. Well, I can no longer say that. I picked myself up a pair of Scott Heater shoes. I have not had the chance to try them out, but they feel like they will be much warmer than anything I have ever had before. I was hoping to get a pair of Lake MXZ boots or some 45North ones, but I think I will be happy with these. Not quite as heavy duty as those, but good enough for the riding I will do.

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One Response to Snow Ride

  1. Ed Fujawa says:

    Have you had a chance to try the shoes? Looking at winter shoe options and the Scotts are a possibility.

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