End of the season – The lost post

2013 Race season has come and gone. Last winter it seemed like it would never get here and now it seems like it went by too quick. I know there was a ton of time in the middle there, but it seems the busier you are, the faster time rolls on.

2013 Race Results

3/9 – Sub <9 – Death Marth – 45th
5/18 – Dino – Winona Lake – 23rd
5/26 – KPS – Ft. Duffield – 3rd SS
6/9 – KPS – White Lightning – 4th SS
6/15 – Dino – French Lick – 18th
6/23 – KPS – Cherokee Park – 6th SS
6/30 – Dino – Muscatatuck – 22nd
7/7 – Dino – BCSP – 24th
7/21 – Dino – Versailles – 21st
7/28 – KPS – Capital View – 5th SS
8/4 – KPS – Ben Hawes – 5th SS
8/11 – Dino – Logansport – 10th
8/18 – Burning Quad Crit – Cat 5 – 17th
8/18 – Burning Quad Crit – Cat 4/5 – 31st
8/25 – Dino – Southwestway – 13th
9/22 – 3 Peaks – Beech mtn, NC – 27th
11/30 – Sub <9 – Gravel Grovel – 85th
I thought this was posted a while back, but I guess it didn’t get finished. I had some other garbage started, but it didn’t make a lot of sense so I deleted it. I am not sure what to say about the season as a whole. There were some good times and bad times. I was not as fast as I would have liked, but I can only blame myself. I did have some moments of strong legs, but they didn’t last very long. As my typical theme, life seems to get in the way of racing. I really don’t mind life getting in the way when it comes to family, but I could do with out work being in that list. The only thing that I would prefer is to be able to keep up the legs better when I slack on the riding.

Now that it is the new year, I am already behind a lot of other racers out there. This is a time where I should be putting in some base miles or some weight workouts. I have yet to turn a pedal or do any lifting. What I have been doing is gaining weight. Not that unexpected, but not on the to do list. I just hope to get it under control before I gain too much. It gets harder and harder to loose weight as I get older. I know that carrying around all that extra weight does nothing but slow me down and make me feel worse. Hopefully I will figure out a plan that is easy to keep and works well. Maybe next year.

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4 Responses to End of the season – The lost post

  1. Lindsay Hall says:

    It's funny for me to think of French Lick as far, because it's the second closest trail for me, but I guess there's no good way to get there from Indy. I always say it's my favorite trail to ride (although I think BCSP is back on top after the addition of Green Valley), but one of my least favorite to race due to the immediate entrance into a long singletrack climb.

  2. Ed Fujawa says:

    It is too bad about FL. This was my first year to race there and I enjoyed the course, along with staying at the resort the night before. I was wondering whether there was some issue with the resort that was behind the change. Numbers in my race at least (Cat 3) equaled the Indy race, and exceeded the Versailles race, both of which are close to major metropolitan centers. Hopefully the trails don't go the same way Westwood did after DINO left.

  3. Eric Gadlage says:

    Good point Lindsay. I was going to add a statement that just didn't make the post. I fully expect people to state that Versailles and Muscatatuck are in the Southern part of the state. Location plays a huge factor. Google says that a person can get to Versailles from Warsaw in 3:15. It takes me 2:45 to get there. Not what I think of when I think South even with it being near the bottom of the state.

  4. That's a great race season! I'd love to race 17 races in a season. 🙂 I agree, though, it always goes by too fast.

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