Waverly Park KPS

Sorry this is so late. I hope this end of the season wind down does not continue. For months that I should be getting some of the most miles of the year, I am hardly getting any at all. I hate to waste all the miles I put in, just to let them fade away before some of the hardest races I am going of the year.

Waverly was the last race in the Kentucky Point Series. Before we even went, I think I had third place locked up for the season. Pretty good, but not as impressive to myself as it might sound. I would have been more impressed with a lot of other things that could have happened this year. But, never the less, I am still glad I raced the series. There were lots of good times had and lots of good people to spend time with. Not much more you could ask for.

The SS was rolling better than it had been. There were several SS racers in the mix. I was hoping to ride well and see what I could do. I had not been riding as much the weeks leading up to this race, but still getting out a little. With the racers I saw there, I knew a top 3 would be a miracle, but I still wanted to ride hard. It was obvious right off the start that a good finish was not going to be in the books unless a few guys completely blew up. The pace that everyone went up the hill was crazy. I felt like I was riding better than I normally would and I felt like I was sitting still. This is not a good thing with how long the climb is. That just means I am way back off of the pace before we even hit the woods.

I felt like I rode well for the race. I passed several people and didn’t seem to get passed by too many. I kept hoping to find another SS racer to try and pass, but it didn’t happen. So, I just was in my own little world riding my bike as fast as I could, but once again not fast enough. I ended up crossing the line in 7th place. I guess not too bad, but nothing I can get too excited about.

This brings up a thought that I continue to struggle with. Should I be racing in the SS class? I do love my SS and really want to participate to help keep the class alive. I know there are several other racers out there who could race in this class, but decide to not race at all. I just don’t feel like I compete in this class for most of the races. There have been a couple races this year where I felt like there were other guys to actually race. Other than that, it is just full of guys that I don’t have a chance to keep up with. Don’t get me wrong. I am not looking for an easy win or anything. My problem is that I am currently a mid pack Cat 2 racer and most of the guys who race the SS class are Cat 1 racers or at the very least contenders for the win in Cat 2.

I have improved a lot this year and really hope I can step it up even more for next year. If I could get closer to the front of the Dino Cat 2 40-49 age group, I don’t think I would have as much doubts about racing SS. Part of me thinks I should just race my SS in the Cat 2 class. The other part of me things if I am racing Cat 2 than I might as well race the bike that I can do the best on no matter if it is SS or geared. Most would tend to think I would be faster on the geared bike, but I have found out that I have done a lot better in some races on the SS than I did on the geared bike no matter how much faster I felt like I was going.

I guess this leaves me with a winter to get faster before I really have to decide what to do. It would be a lot easier if all you other SS’ers out there would just make the trip to the Kentucky races and help make the classes bigger. I just need to get in better shape and I will ride both bikes better than I did this year.

After the race was over and we moved on, Dean talked me in to doing something I have not done in a very long time. We made a trip to the Louisville Extreme Park. He even put a skateboard together for me to use. It really didn’t take much are twisting to get me out there, but I was not sure what I was going to do. The more comfortable I got with the board, the more I did. I was rolling in on one of the bowls and trying to do some things on the coping. I eventually did a little and felt good about it, but shortly after that I didn’t do as well and ended up falling to the bottom of the transition.  I did learn that concrete hurts like hell and I really should have put my pads on. I have too much to loose if I break something. The other bad thing that happened is that I am now completely ready to go back. It didn’t take much to get that fire back in me. I just am not sure what I am willing to try. It had been at least 20 years since I had skated on a transition, but it sure was fun.

If anyone wants to give me the money to build a mini in my back yard, I would be all over it. I would not need anything huge. Just something to flow on and do a little grinding and stuff. Ahh.. the good old days. Once again I have to wonder why in the hell did I sell off all my old boards. I am sure I would have skated some more before now and I would not have been as rusty. If I could just go back in time…. I would still have my skateboards, freestyle bike, BMX bikes and drum set. Hard telling what I would be doing these days.

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