France Park DINO

No more room

I made the trip back to Logansport to race at France Park after a long time off. It was probably 1997 the last time I raced up there. I had thought about it a few times since, but it didn’t work out. Back then I really didn’t like racing there. It was too flat and wide. I can’t say that it has changed that much, but there were a few more sections that I actually did like this time and I was stronger on the flat open stuff than before. If it were not for the camping the night before, I am not sure if I would think the trip was a good choice or not.

chilling by the fire

It is a pretty long drive for a trail that does not leave just loving it. There were some really cool sections, but not enough for me to just go there to ride unless it was located 3 hours closer. The fact that I have started road riding on an actual road bike since 1997, it made me a lot stronger on the flat open sections. But, all that aside, I think the camping out the night before would have been worth the trip in itself. So it was a great weekend! It would have only been better if I had went up Friday and watched the XTERRA (camped another night).

late night fun

As far as the racing goes, I could be really happy or over think things and only be content with the race. If I go with the first, I am very happy to have had my best finish of the DINO series season in the very competitive 40-49 age group. I guess either way I think, I am pretty happy with that accomplishment. I ended up 10th in age group and beat my last top finish by 8 places. The negative side of my brain has me thinking that I am still 10 min. behind the leaders and I only finished that high because some of the top finishers have changed classes or did not show up. But, I don’t think me thinking that way is completely accurate, but it is the way my brain thinks.

I started closer to the front than normal, but still not at the front. I tried to control my effort at the start with out getting dropped. I think I did a fairly good job of that, but wished I was farther up. I probably held on to a wheel longer than I should have, but I know the legs get a dead spot a little after the start and I was trying to control myself. I didn’t let too many go by and felt like I was rolling pretty well. There was a section of trail that I knew I should have taken the left side, but I ended up following the guy in front of me and took the right. He slipped up on a tough section and I just about ran in to him. I had to stop in a bad place and slipped trying to get going again. Putting in an effort like that with some panicking going on is not good for the heart rate or the legs. I got going fairly quick, but the legs were feeling it.

I tried to ride my own pace and get back in to a groove. I was a little sketchy on the fast sections, but managed to not wreck. Eventually the bike control came back and I was going a lot better. There were a few sections that I was not happy with my legs. I figured they would be stronger than they were. The section that I was really shocked by was the long flat sections. I knew my legs would like that section, but I didn’t think I was going that fast on them and I reeled in several racers in that section and still made my legs feel better. I guess that road riding is paying off for something.

I will say the the new section of trail was fun. I am sure there were several people that had some trouble with the log and/or the rock section after that. I think it was a good addition to try and offset all the wider sections. I also think the ATV race did tear up some sections, but I could tell that there was a lot of work put in trying to get it back in good shape. Probably not what you would want to happen to the trail, but I can understand why it was done and will not judge them for it.

Overall I was glad I made the trip. I had a good time, a good finish and still put in another race for the series. It is hard to believe that the last race of the series is just around the corner. It seems like we should be just starting summer, not school. I guess I am happy that I am finally starting to ride a little better I just wish it happened earlier in the year. I still have several events on my calendar and they run me well in to the fall/winter and start next year off. I need to find some more motivation to improve over the winter and start next year off at least where I am now or in even better shape. I would really like to be running more like top 10 overall next season. I think the body can do it, I am just not sure I want to sacrifice enough time to actually get there. This year is going by quick enough.

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