Versailles DINO

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have had a few rides that I really wanted to write about, but just never found the time. I have been pretty busy with things and riding as much as I can. But, it seems that it can never be enough. I have attended the night ride a few times over the last couple of weeks and it is a blast and a great workout. I need to continue riding these as often as I can if I am not getting out doing something else. It is later in the evening, so it is after most things, but being late also means it is later when I can settle down and get to bed. This does not help with my sleeping, but it is sure good for the legs.

Sunday was the DINO race at Versailles. I have had two weeks off since the BCSP race and put in a lot of effort to ride as much as I could. I am getting tired of being so damn slow. I have put in way more effort this year than the last few years and I think I can tell a difference in my riding, but my racing is just now showing the same result.

We had planned on heading up Saturday to camp and maybe get a pre-ride in, but I was volunteered to help out with a bicycle safety thing for the scouts. I thought the even was earlier in the day than it was, but was still planning on heading over that night. The evening temps have not cooled down very much, so it was decided to just head over in the morning if we were going to get there too late to ride. I figured I would sleep better in my own bed than in a hot tent.

It turns out that a storm rolled through during the scout function and then everyone seemed to have too much fun playing dodge ball that the bike safety thing never happened. I guess I could have left earlier. To make matters even worse, the group that I was looking forward to camping with had decided earlier in the week to get a hotel. If I would have known either of those things, my plans might have been a little different.

I finished packing and headed to bed fairly early to get a good nights sleep. I had to get up early for the drive over. I got up easy enough and we were soon on the road. But, there was a ton of fog that kept us from making good time. It would clear up and then next thing you know we were back in it. It was really hard to see, but I was managing. Soon enough we were there and it was time to get ready.

I got signed in and headed out for a little warm up ride. The start was a little different this year, so we headed down the trail with Joseph and Dean to check it out. Not sure how far we rode, but after a while I was worried we were going to do a complete lap. I was not sure where a short cut was or a section to get out of the woods, so I turned around and headed back. I was not feeling fairly warmed up and it was time to get to the starting line.
My plan was to not over cook myself on the open field and blow up on the trail. I did that, but also went in to the trail a lot farther back than I had hoped.

I was feeling fine and holding the wheel in front of me. After the first climb I noticed that the guys behind me were gone. I thought I was still moving along good, but I was passed a little later by a little group of guys. One was a guy that I have had some good races with, so I was already torn. I felt like I was riding strong, but still watched him ride away. The rest of the race was fairly uneventful. I passed some people and got passed by a few more.

I felt like I was riding as strong as I have all year and really pushed it on some climbs. I was very happy with how well I was riding. Turns out that I actually finished 5 min. closer to the winner than I have for the last several races. Taking 5 min. off of a race time sounds great…….well it does sound great. So, then why am I not happy with that? Well, that would be because I still finished in about the same place I have all year. Farther back than I did at the same race last year and even slower than the race from last year. I don’t know how I can feel like I ride that good and end up being slower than I was before. If I remember correctly, I even rode the SS last year and had a wobbly wheel for the whole race.

It is very discouraging to train well for two weeks and feel good to only go slower. I am not sure what I can do to go faster. I know a few things, but I don’t think any of them will help me out for this year. I can only hope they can help out for next year otherwise I am a lost hope and will just be slow for ever. At least I can wheelie.

I have to say that this race was the worse attitude of the other riders that I have had all year. I am normally a person that is very easy to pass. I figure if you are that much faster than me, why hold you up. The leaders of the 50+ group was the rudest I have ever seen. The front few normally catch and pass me, but they were very impatient for this race. I don’t mind getting out of your way, but this is a race and I should not have to pull over and stop, just so you can pass. If you are that damn good, then get your ass in open were you won’t have anyone in your way. I even had a wreck getting out of someones way. I do my best to get out of the way as quickly and safely as possible. Don’t freak out if that takes more than a second or two, otherwise I will change my ways and not get out of your way.

There was another section where there was a ride down on the trail near the river section. He way lying in the middle of the trail. There was a couple of people that stopped to help. I didn’t plan on stopping since there was help, but the guy behind me was running in to my back wheel trying to get by. Show the guy some respect and pass with a little more care. As soon as I got by the downed rider, I pulled over and let me go since he was in such a hurry. I just hope that some day when you are laying on the trail that the other racers don’t treat you with the same attitude.

This weekend is the next Kentucky race at Capitol View. I have never been there, so it should be interesting. It will be even more interesting since I have stolen the front fork off of the SS and put it on the Niner. It has since been replaced with a rigid fork. It has been a good year since I have rode a rigid fork, so I am sure this will hurt. Well, that is if I can make the wobbly wheel from the last race roll a little more true. If not, maybe I will just skip the SS class this weekend and race Cat 2. I think there are enough races that I can get full points in both classes. Not sure how that would work. Either way it does not really matter. I am too damn slow to worry about overall placings. Yea I know, I am currently in first for the SS class, but that is only because there has been enough different riders at the different races and they don’t have the 4 races in yet. It would not take much to dethrone me. Only one podium out of the series so far. Maybe I need to look at this road racing thing. I seem to be able to ride a road bike fairly well.

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