July usually means a nice break in life with a relaxing visit with family and hanging out at the lake. This year that did not happen. So, for the second time I was able to make the trip over to North Vernon to enjoy their trails for the Dino race. This year it did not look good for being dry and it was far from dry. I expected it to be a mud fest and in some places, it did not disappoint. But, there were sections that it was not too bad and actually fun.

For only being there one time before, I actually remembered some of the trail sections. But, not like it really helped me any. I figured I could ride pretty good in mud, so I tried to get in to the woods mid-pack or a little farther forward. I seemed to hang with the group pretty good for awhile. That was up until a couple of steep, slick sections that made people get off with the traffic jams. I tried to hurry while I was pushing, but tried not to go too hard as running/pushing in a hurry is not something I am very strong at and figured it would hurt more than it would help. Maybe it did hurt a little too much as I got passed by a few guys after those sections. I guess I slowed down too much, but I didn’t think I did. I know I backed off a little to catch my breath, but maybe it was more than I thought.

I went as hard as I could for the whole race. Some sections were a lot faster than others, but overall I felt like I was riding pretty good for me. I did slide out in one corner on the first last and get a little muddy, but nothing hurt or broken. I did have a little trouble with some corners and also the new section of trail where it was a lot softer than some sections. I climbed some hills pretty well too.

If I would have finished riding and just loaded up and went home, I would have felt pretty good about my effort for the day. But, I did not do that. I actually went and looked at the results and saw that I was just as slow as the last Dino race. I finished in just about the exact same place as French Lick. I am sure I will crunch a lot of numbers when the results are posted. I knew I was not at the front, but I felt like I was actually riding stronger than the last few races and expected to be a little closer to the top than I have been. My legs sure feel like I did better.

I am not sure what to do, but I really need to improve a lot and quickly. I thought I was riding a lot stronger this year than I have in the past few years, but really I don’t think I am doing any better. I might have been ahead of the schedule at the beginning of the year, but all those weeks of being too busy didn’t let me continue to improve as I was and actually end up somewhere other then here. But, here I am again. Fat and way too slow. I have to use one of my typical lines and say “I better start running, because it is much to late to jog”. I just hope to find the motivation to move forward and not let the depression hold me back. It will not be easy.

This weekend is the Brown County reschedule date. I hope it will be a little drier and hope the legs show up. I have a lot of cleaning to do on the bike to make sure it still works. It is cleaned off, but now I need to tear in to everything to make sure it works. All of that and find time to get some riding in and figure out how to go 20 min. faster in a week. Yea, like that will happen. Anyone know how to brew some EPO beer?

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One Response to Mudsatatuck

  1. Ed Fujawa says:

    Nice meeting you at Muscatatuck. Forecast isn't looking good for Sunday. Not sure anyone is willing to risk the crown jewel of midwest mountain biking if conditions are wet. Although, if it weren't for that first climb, I would consider singlespeeding it if mud is going to be an issue.

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