Basket Case ride

I was planning on hitting the Basket Case ride on Monday since baseball and stuff were over, but as the work day drug on, I didn’t think I would make it. Then a last minute text from Nick asking if I was going and said I still had 40 min., I finished up what I was doing and headed home. I quickly grabbed some gear and made sure the boys had something they could make for supper. I noticed on the way that I was pushing it for getting there for the start time. I sent Nick a text saying I was on the way. I am sure I looked a little strange texting on a bike rolling along at 25 mph. I did use the talk to text option so I was not trying to type everything.

I was thinking I was smoking my legs too much trying to get there especially after racing on Sunday in that heat. I assured myself that it would be ok since the pace is normally not bad and usually a shorter ride. I was pleasantly surprised when I got there and saw a big group of riders. They were waiting on me, but I really only got there a couple of minutes late. Then I heard what the route was going to entail and I wished I didn’t send the text. We went right back up the road that I just came down and headed back toward my house. Dammit!

The route choice had a few more hills than I expected, but I was fine with that. Well, that was right up till we hit the first climb of the ride. It seemed that some wanted to get a better work out and next thing I know I am pushing it hard up the climb. As soon as I got to the top, I was thinking that was not the best idea. I am going to really tear my legs up when I am supposed to be doing a recovery ride. I did back off the next climb, but soon enough I was hammering up another one.

There was 11 riders in the group. We stayed together fairly well with only one falling back a little on and off. Who wanted to push it, hit it hard on the climbs and then eased up for everyone to regroup. This continued for the rest of the ride. After a little bit, the legs were not feeling too bad, so the climbs were a little more fun. The turning point for the ride was at one intersection it was asked what way we were going and I could not believe it when I heard the answer that several suggested. We turned left and headed farther out instead of straight and back toward home.

Not only were we heading farther out, but we were heading in a direction that had a few more decent hills. The Duff road has always been my go to road when I want some more miles, but still get some good climbing in. As I get stronger it does not seem as bad as it once was, but there are still a few good climbs. Everyone seemed to be riding well and having a good time.

When we got to the end of the Duff road and regrouped, it seems that a few were ready to head back toward the house and went their own way. When everyone was there, it was decided to go on toward Ireland and get even more miles. This part of the ride was at a little easier pace. I think there were a few that were really feeling the ride. Some have not gone that far yet this year. That is great!! It is awesome to see people push their limits and comfort levels.

Toward the end of the ride a few wanted to head back home a little quicker than we were going, so they pushed the pace up and off they went. I could have joined them, but I figured I would hang with the back of the pack and make sure everyone made it. Good thing I did as one of the riders who took off had a chain issue and the chain was stuck behind the cassette. He tried to get it out, but it just would not budge. Walking he went on. We headed back and someone went to pick him up. I headed home to get my tools so I could fix his bike when he got back.

It was a great ride and by far the hardest Basket Case ride I have been on. Since I rode from home and back, I ended up with 40 mile. The average speed was down some, but part of that was the slower pace we took at the end and I forgot to stop the timer at the end of the Duff road. I have the auto stop turned off for MTB riding since the signal can get dropped some in the woods. It was way more than I wanted to do to my legs, but it just might have been what I needed. Some good climbing and still some spinning. I am not sure how much I will be able to get out before Sunday’s race, so it is good to get what you can while it is there. I hope to continue to join this ride and see how everyone progresses and see how the group ends up.

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