Same as it ever was

The more I hope things change, the more they seem to be the same. There are several things that keep me from riding my bike on a more regular basis. Most of those things I would not trade for anything. Just as I thought my schedule should have been clearing up, it seems that I have gone another week with out finding any time to ride. At least I had a good training weekend last weekend. A good ride on Saturday and a suffer fest in the pouring rain on Sunday. You just can’t practice that stuff. But, I still wish I could have spun the legs out some this week.

This weekend is the French Lick Dino race. Unlike most of the other trails in the series, I actually know this trail some and it should help me out some. I said should. Unfortunately this will be my first trip to French Lick this year, I think. I also didn’t make it up there much at the end of last year. I know there have been some sections that have changed either by work or by weather. I guess I will just have to wing those sections. So, not only have I not been riding much, but I have not been riding there either. It should be interesting.

I did start working on the Misfit. I was shocked to find that the bottom bracket and the head set were in good condition. They only needed a little cleaning up and most of that is because it had been a while since it has been torn apart. My brakes on the other hand really are toast. There is very little pad left and it is no wonder I could not make the brakes work. I still need to try and swap out the front wheel to the other set. I had a lot of trouble getting the back wheel to seat up, so I have been hesitant to work on the front wheel. I wanted to make sure I had time to get it fixed before I needed it.

I also have a set of hydraulic brakes that I will be picking up this weekend. I am looking forward to getting them on my bike, but what bike do I put them on? It is only one set of brakes, but I have two bikes. My first thought was to put them on the Niner since that is what I race more. But, I am also planning on racing next weekend, I am just not sure what race I will attend. There is the Tri-State 6 hour race on Saturday and the next Kentucky points series race on Sunday. Technically I guess I could race both, but not sure that would be a good idea. No matter what race I attend, the bigger problem I have is that I am leaning toward racing that race with the SS.

That leaves me with a half fixed bike to race next weekend and fixing a bike that I will not be racing. I guess I could race the Niner in either race, but I really like my SS. The 6 hour race only has an solo open class and there is no way I could compete with those guys. Not sure I could compete with the other solo SS guys either, but I am pretty good at suffering on the SS for a fair amount of time for some reason. My other thought was to race the Cat 2 in the Ky race. I had said before that I can’t compete with several of the front guys and the turn out is not big enough to make it seem worth it. The other problem with that is if I don’t race, it only hurts the turn out for that class. It would be nice to see more guys out racing the SS class, but my luck they will all be more Cat 1 racers and not really help me at all. The real answer is to just get faster. Anyone know how to brew some beer that has similar effects as EPO would?

The tents will be up tomorrow, so stop by for a visit. Hope to see a lot of people out there since the weather is supposed to be much better than most of the other races so far this year. See you there!!

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