Some BCSP fun

This week was scout camp. There was a few boy’s who had baseball games during the week, so I took this opportunity and the need to help out, to try and do two things at one time. The plan was to take the boys back to camp Monday night after their games, camp in the HNF, ride Tuesday and then take them back to town for the games on Tuesday. This was all changed when the games for Monday were cancelled. My good idea was not going to work out exactly the same, but I still was down to bring them home on Tuesday. So, I ended up heading up to fat cogs house to hang out a while and catch up.

Tuesday morning we headed over to the park to get some riding in. This was good for me since I don’t spend a lot of time up there and with the race being postponed, it was a good chance to freshen up my memory. Lyle was waiting on us since we were prompt in our arrival time. We decided to park at HP and ride out from there. The main goal was to check out the race loop. I have now only rode Green Valley 2 times. I still don’t think I know it, but I do know I had fun riding it. Most of the other trail was fairly familiar and I knew where the hard places were coming up.

I was sure glad I put the bigger gears on the SS. I would have not liked the gearing I ran for Ft. Duffield. It was also a good time for me to figure out that some things need to be tightened. My chain was a little loose when we started, but it was more than I care by the time we stopped. I may need to remove that extra link I put in there and see if the sliding drop outs will work that way. My crank arm also came a little loose toward the end of the ride. I tightened it up, but I need to check it out before the race this weekend.

Along the way we ran in to someone I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet. Jerome was hanging out next to the trail and after a little chat with him, he asked for a lift to enjoy some more trail. Fat cog was more than happy to share some free space in his pack and let him tag along for the ride. I think Jerome was up to his gnome tricks as he seemed to really distract fat cog from his riding. It was nice to have a more casual ride, but I think Jerome was having a little too much fun.

The plan was to ride the other side of the road from HP next, but with all the fun that was being had, we ran out of time. I could have gone on myself and rode some of it if I had known that the train was not going to make it to the top of the hill any quicker than that. Jerome had decided to take a break and found a new spot to hang out on the HP climb and a lot of the extra time was them saying good bye. By the time I realized I should have gone on by myself, I only had a little less than an hour to ride and that was pushing it for me to get where I needed to be on time. Good thing I didn’t push it because it took a little longer to get there than I thought it would. This weekend I will be making my first trip to LBL for the next race in the Kentucky point series. It should be fun. I just hope the SS is tuned up good and ready to roll. The plan is to just have fun since there are several very fast guys who will show up from Tennessee. I really need to re-think my racing the SS class. I would be better off racing the SS in the Cat 2 class since most of the SS guys would line up in the Cat 1 class. Maybe some day I will be as fast as I need to be, but until then I guess I will just hang out at the back of the class and hope for mechanicals.

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