another rain out

Well, as one might have thought, the BCSP Dino race was postponed because of weather. This left me needing to get on the bike and most places too wet to ride. I was thinking about a gravel ride, but was not sure.

We had to do some things in the morning and by the time all of that was done I was not feeling very motivated to go ride and I was tired. I checked in with a couple of people to see if they were riding, but they all were busy. Having someone to go ride with is always easier to get motivated for than a solo ride. I am not saying that I don’t like solo rides, but if I am not motivated and there is someone waiting for me, I just feel more excited about getting out. The wife was great and was not going to let me sit on the couch all day. I really wanted to, but it was not going to happen.

I figured I would go out for an easier spin on the road bike just to get some miles in. That thought started to fade shortly after I left the house. For some reason my route of choice was in the direction of the hills. The reasoning of “if it was going to be easy, I might as well work some” seemed to make a lot of sense at the time. So off I was heading for some good climbs.

I had a few sections were I was moving along at a good pace and others that were slower. I was just happy to be out on the bike and enjoying the sun. I struggled some on the first couple of hills, but I did make it up. I was ok with this as I was still going for an “easy” ride. A screaming downhill had me getting set up for a tough hill that I have not seen much this year. It was very hard on me, but I did manage to find my way to the top.

The next section had some more climbs, but they didn’t seem as bad. I even thought it was a good idea to roll out to the overlook section at Patoka Lake, you know, since it was just an easy ride. I sat there a little bit and ate some Honey Stinger chews and took in the view of the lake. Not a bad place to hang out. I even thought I needed to take the wife up there for a picnic sometime.

The ride back to the main road was not too hard, but I was still starting to feel some of the climbs in the legs. I continued around the loop climbing a few more hills. At the next intersection I was not looking forward to the ride back in to Dubois and the hills that would follow. I thought it might be easier to go farther down the road and cut over to Celestine. Well I ended up taking the wrong turn and the shorter hills that I thought I was going to climb were about another country block over. The hill on the route I did take was plenty big. This hill really hurt and I could only inch my way up it, but started feeling a little better afterward.

I decided to cut my route a little short and head back the short way to Schnelville. The short way has a few more climbs than I remembered, but at least it was shorter. All was going well and I was glad to be getting closer to home. That was all up until I hit the intersection to head back and it had a road closed sign. Humm, I didn’t know that was going to be there. I took a chance and went around thinking that surely I could get around the work area. Well that was not the case. It was a bridge out and I really didn’t feel like getting my feet wet trying to walk across.

I then turned around and headed back to the sign. At this point I was not sure what way to turn. I was not looking forward to riding the highway the one direction, so I decided to turn the other direction. I really dreaded this decision. It was a couple of climbs and then I was at St. Anthony. From there I was actually heading home, but still had a ways to go. This direction had two of the biggest hills I had to climb of the day. I didn’t think they got much bigger than some of the ones I had already climbed, but I was wrong. These hills really hurt bad. I have no idea how I climbed them with out getting off. I was sure glad the dog that came out near the top of one was not looking to bite me. He just wanted to bark at me. There was nothing I could have done at this point but lay down and let him eat me.

I finally made it back to the road I was on with the bridge that was out. I was relieved to be even closer to home. That was until I went around the corner and remembered the last climb on the Schnelville road. Yet again, I some how managed to crawl up it and keep going. I was completely shot at this point and it was all I could do to keep moving toward home. When I finally got there I could hardly get my bike in to the house. After a shower I hoped on the scale and I was 5 lbs lighter than the day before. I am sure most of that was water weight.

Overall the climb was what I needed. I just didn’t plan on it being that hard. A easy ride would have been nice too, but I am not getting out often enough to have the only ride of the week be an easy one. Baseball is getting close to being done, so I hope to get some more miles in soon. The ride ended up being 44 miles and I climbed just over 3,000 ft. of elevation. Not too bad for an easy ride. edit:
Note: This was Sunday’s ride. Sorry this didn’t get posted in a timely manor. I was too tired.

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