Not looking good

This weekend is supposed to be the well attended Dino race at Brown County State Park. To say the weather is not looking very good is probably an understatement. Rain leading up to the event and a forecast for even more will have all the racers wondering if it will be raced or pushed off to another date. I really hate it when a race has to reschedule, but I completely understand why. It just makes it hard with the calendar mostly full already, when you start moving races there is some kind of overlap that is bound to happen.

I am not sure if pushing the race off would be good or bad for me. I have not been on a bike since the Ft. Duffield race last weekend. Way too much going on to squeeze in a ride. We have had 3 baseball games this week and with the holiday on Monday, I did a lot of work around the house that has been overlooked. My legs hurt anyway. I did think about getting out for an easy spin to try to work them out, but time and energy did not allow.

I thought about hitting the trainer or rollers a few nights, but when we get home after 10 from work and ball games, it is hard to find the motivation to get on the bike. I topped that off with eating bad all week, so I am sure my weight is on the rise. My legs should be well rested going in to this race, but with everything going on, my sleeping has been very sub par. I have been getting even less rest than normal. With that building up all week I am thinking that it will not be good. I just hope the legs can pull me through.

I hope to get on the trainer for a little bit tonight just to try and loosen up the legs. Or I could head out in to the rain and strong winds to try and do the same. Also I will be on my legs all day Saturday with a bowling tournament. I just hope to do well and win some more bike fund money.

Next weekend I plan on racing the White Lightning race in Kentucky. My plan is to change my gearing on the SS before then. The problem is I need to change it before Tuesday because I have a ride scheduled for that day and want to ride the SS. I also hope to swap out the front wheel, but if it is as hard to put the tire on as the back wheel was, I am not looking forward to it. I can only hope to squeeze it all in when I need to. Hope to see you Sunday at BCSP or I will be at home getting my bikes ready for next weekend.

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