Stay away rain

Well, this weekend might be the first MTB race of the season as long as the rain stays away. The previous 2 races were postponed for weather reasons and I really hope this one will work out. I have been wanting to see if my riding is coming around or not. My issue is that I am not sure it will be a good test to see where I am. I have a very busy week and will not have a lot of time to get out and ride. This is not all bad, but not all good either.

The end of last week was full of rain. I knew we were going to be at a bowling alley Saturday morning for the Middle School Regional, but had hopes of getting out between that and mother’s day. On a side note, AJ finished 1st in the 7th grade boys and first in the team event!! Then Friday I got a call from his soccer coach. It seems there was another area team that needed some more players for a tournament. So much for having any other free time for a ride, but not a big deal. I actually could have gotten out Sunday morning before we had to leave for the game, but I was tired and figured the rest would be better. It was worth it for him to have the opportunity to play for another team and against some tough competition.

I have been too busy lately and the rain has made the grass really grow. I felt like I had to take the afternoon off on Monday just to mow the grass. I did that and some other trimming and things that have been overlooked. I should have done even more, but with the sun out I really wanted to get on the bike. I was limited on time so I hoped on the road bike to try and spin the legs out. It was nice out, but way more wind than I would prefer. This made some sections harder than they should have been, but my legs were not working well either. I was really feeling the ride from last week. I didn’t do too bad on the flats, but anytime the road went up at all, I had no power.

This was very disappointing as I felt like I rode like a champ on Wednesday and here I feel like I have been sitting on the couch all spring. I hope to get them to rest some more and maybe get out for another spin to work them out before the weekend. But, it is not looking too good.  We have 3 baseball games this week and have to head north on Friday. The best chance I had was on Wednesday, but found out this morning that a rained out soccer game has been rescheduled for that night. Becky has something going on so it will be up to me to get him to the game. It would be easier if it was in town, but of course it is not.

The weekend will be full of driving, racing, bowling and soccer. Should be fun! We will be doing all of that in 3 different cities, 2 different hotels and a whole lot of rushing around. So, if you are looking for me I might be hard to find. I will not be spending a lot of time hanging around after my race. I have to get back to pick up my family in Lafayette and get to Terre Haute in time for a soccer game. Should be fun!

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