Duffield Derby

This weekend is the first race of the Kentucky MTB series. Duffield is one of the old school trails that I have rode for years. It is far from being an easy place to ride with the elevation to be had and a few log crossings thrown in just to make it more fun. Well, maybe a few is not the correct word to use, but I’ll let you decide if that word is close to the correct amount of logs to be had.

The word on the street and well the web is that there is a new trail layout for this years race and it is to be the funnest race course there yet! I will have to see just how “fun” I think the loop is when I am done. My SS legs are not as strong as I would like and I don’t feel like putting an easier gear on the bike. I already have as easy of a gear that I want to put on there. I guess riding those gears have made me a little soft. I will find out this weekend just how soft. That is if the weather is not too bad. Here is a notice that was put out about the race this weekend.

Out of respect to the trails, your bike and your safety this year the Duffield Derby will not run in the event of rain or unfavorable trails conditions. Spring weather can be unpredictable, so be sure to check in for last minute trail reports. Trails were perfect last Sunday, more new faces and some riders from all over the state came back for more.

I really hope the weather holds off. Not only because I really want to ride my bike, it is also because the rain out date is the same weekend as the DINO Warsaw race and I need to head that way if at all possible. To keep up on the racing happenings you can follow the KY Points Series on Twitter by following @KYPointsSeries. You can also find out more on the series by checking out their web site KY Points Series.

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Edit: Since this post the rain out date has been changed and is no longer the same weekend as Warsaw.

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2 Responses to Duffield Derby

  1. As a fan of self-motivation induced writings, I concur. Good luck this weekend!

  2. Eric Gadlage says:

    Thanks Lindsay! Good luck to you this weekend too!! I hope to do the Big Frog next year.

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