Back on the road

After some warm weather and dry trails, a storm came rolling in and messed all that up. They may have been ride-able today, but I didn’t really have time to get there. Saturday was busy, but made a plan to head out late in the day. We were limited on time, but still got in a nice 20 mile ride. I thought that would be my only time out for the weekend. Thanks to my great wife, I was able to sneak out Sunday with the group. I was on a time schedule, but they thought it would be fine. If not I was going to break off and head back to the car. I had another soccer game to get to, but at least this weekend it was in town.

I was not sure what the ride was going to entail, but after some discussion I knew it was not going to be that easy of a day. We were headed for some hills. I am by far the worst climber out of the group. But, this was actually just what I needed. I have a hard race next weekend and really hope some climbing legs show up. The more I ride with these guys, the fast I will be climbing. I normally don’t have a huge problem climbing stuff, I just don’t do it at the speeds that they ride. Maybe some day I will be able to hang.

I ended up riding fairly well after a little bit of a slow start. I even climbed some of the last hills better than the first ones. The pack moved pretty good overall. Not as fast as some of the more flatter rides, but that does not mean that we didn’t have some sections that were moving pretty good. The wind was fairly strong at times too and that sure didn’t help things. At least the sun came out and made the ride more enjoyable.
I did get some new tires put on the Misfit. I am looking forward to getting them on some dirt. I just hope my first ride is not a race. But I will deal with it if that does happen. They look like they will be great, so I am not  that worried about them not working, I just would rather test out the air pressure a little before then. Now if we can just get the weather to cooperate and make it a great race day. Hope to see everyone there.

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