Faster Misfit

Thanks to Faster Mustache, my SS is now 6.66% faster. That is .06% faster than what is guaranteed, but the bike was so excited it went the other .06% on it’s own. Time will tell if the excitement will wear off or not and the bike slows down. If that happens, I will still be 6.6% faster than before.

This is a great thing. I need to get as fast as I can before the season starts. I seem to be a head of schedule from the last few years, but it is not really saying anything. Previous years I didn’t do very much at all over the winter. This year I was only a step above that. I know I should have spend hours upon hours in misery sitting on the trainer, but it just didn’t happen. Spin class was a great way to get a work out in and I wonder what would have happened if I had a membership another month. Next year will be better…..

Time is ticking away for the season to start. I better start running because it is much to late to jog. April 28th is the opening race for the KY MTB series. What better way to start the season off than to race at Ft. Duffied. That itself is hard enough, but being true to myself I plan on racing or at least showing up in the SS class for the Kentucky races. I am not sure if this is a smart thing to do or not, but I have rarely been accused of being smart. I am fine with riding a SS the problem I normally have is that I am Cat 2 racer at best and the SS class is an open class that can leave me racing some Cat 1 guys. I understand what I am getting in to and can only hope that I continue to improve and get fast enough to be able to hold my own in the class. That or hope for some flat tires. Either way will work for me.

Stop by the KY MTB Series web site and mark your calendars –!

The Ft. Fuffield flier can be found here – FT. Duffield

I really hope this new address is the final one. Traffic does not seem too bad, but there are still a lot of people hitting the old blog page and not clicking on the link to come over here. I don’t think I can make it much clearer than that, so I hope eventually most of the few people that actually read this can make the adjustment. Since you did make the trip over here and if you like what you read, stick around a little bit by clicking on the join this site button on the right —>

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