Here we go again

I am really starting to dislike this time of year. The weather keeps teasing that winter is over then slaps another cold spell on us. Then add the overlap of winter events and summer events to keep it interesting.

Then we try to get our kids to their correct meetings or practices. There ends up with a lot of conflicts and at times more than two. Be it scouts, soccer, bowling, religion or baseball. This leaves not near enough time to be getting the riding in that I need or any way to relieve the stress of all the schedule conflicts.

Free days are hard to work in and most of the time the weather sucks on those days. If there is real nice weather, I usually have one or two places I need to be. The neighbors start to get their yard looking good. Mine not so much. Right now I am just happy to have had time to get the lights off of the house from Christmas. Our tree is still in the stand, but sitting outside on the deck.

I am not happy with my winter training, but I do feel like I am ahead of the last several years. I just need to find some creative ways to work in some good training and even step it up a notch before the race schedule comes in full force. I hope to have enough desire to make me find that extra little time and continue to improve.

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One Response to Here we go again

  1. lampenj says:

    It’s been a tough winter for riding. From a competitive standpoint, that affected everyone the same. From a fun standpoint, it made the training far less enjoyable (trainer training vs. trail training). See you in May.

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