Team Adventure’s Recreation & Gear

If you stop by here much at all, you might have noticed some changes over on the ride side of the screen. Not to be mixed up with the new layout. I just thought a new look was needed. Sometimes change is good.

What I am really talking about is the little logo’s that have been showing up under the sponsors section. I think this is going to be a great year for the Adventure’s Recreation & Gear team. We have expanded a few more riders from last year and our team manager has worked real hard to find us some more sponsors for the season and in some cases, the next two seasons. I am very pleased with the results as to who we are adding to the sponsor list. Some would just be begging to get any name under the sponsored list. I have been down that road and it is a fine line as to being a value for both sides. In my past racing careers, I have had several difference sponsors. All of them give you good prices, but when it all came down to it, All it meant was that I had to buy a bunch of new stuff for my bike. I am happy to say that along with the great relationship we have had with Adventures, the sponsor list is more of a partnership than just a sponsorship in most cases. So far all of the sponsorship details have been way better than I would have ever expected. Especially for the level of riders that are on the team. I will almost feel like we are on the Trek pro team or something.

I still have some names to add to the list on the right, but I am still waiting on some logo files. I hope to get more things updated soon and this will also give me a few topics to write about on here. I already have some thoughts, but need to put in a little more time with the product. All of this has made me work a little harder in the off season than normal and I knew a few other team members have been too. We hope to make it a great year and have a lot of fun.

2013 Team Adventure’s Recreation & Gear

Reed Kress
Nick Lucas
Alex Potter
Josh Meyer
Mike Kemper
Sam Preston
Eric Gadlage
Ralph Lueken
Dean Leavens
Bob Boehman
Shane Lindauer
Phil Mundy

See you at the races!

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