Hickory Fun

Last weekends weather was a bust, so we decided to move our ride to this weekend. It was supposed to be a lot warmer and little chance of rain. The rain part was correct, but it didn’t seem to get as warm as I thought it would. Good thing I took some extra gear along that I didn’t plan on loading up, but I could have used even more, but survived.

The plan was to get some good riding in and maybe see a few things we have not seen yet. However, we didn’t plan on seeing some of that more than once. LOL Just because it looks like a short cut, does not mean it works or even goes some place. This is why recon missions are a good thing. It is good to familiarize yourself with intersections and overall directional comforts. I have a better idea on the order of check points to try and get and what check points I would be good with skipping. The race goal is to just get a good day’s ride in on the bike and have some fun. The more check points we can get the better, but only with in reason. The final 2 mandatory check points will ultimately determine the final route choice.

This was my first real ride on the Niner. It was not a true test since it was mainly gravel roads, but there was nothing that stood out that I just did not like. I do need to do some work on the shifting, but I already figured that. I just hope it can get straitened out. I am already thinking of making it a 1×9, but that would put me right back to where I was. So, why even go down this road at all? Maybe I will make shift a 2×9 set up to make me feel better.

Someone’s Stan’s had dried up or all leaked out. In the warmth of his own home and under a little better conditions, it was noticed to have a large gash in the tire. I am not sure if Stan’s would have filled that big of gap or not. It was a good thing that I packed a tube. It just might have been a tube that didn’t hold air, but there are no guarantees on that. The only thing I do know is it held up for the rest of the ride. But, did need to get some air loving several times to complete this task. Time for a new tire.

We made a stop at the Fire Tower parking lot to see if the riders there had a floor pump. They were kind enough to lone us one to make the job easier of putting air in the tire. Eventually the hand pump was not a good enough option and ended up using a CO2. The surprise for the stop was when they shared a PBR with me. It passed the time while Lyle was putting air in his tire and Shawn was climbing the fire tower. Yea, I think I had the best of options there. Thanks again to whom ever you were! That was the best PBR I think I have ever had.

We ended up with 33 or 34 miles and several hours on the seat. I have 4 weeks to continue the training so the legs can handle a ride twice as long. I did reserve a cabin for the Friday night before the race, so that will make things go a lot smoother on race day. I just hope the weather cooperates to make it a pleasant day on the bike.  See you there!

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