Back on board

After only a few posts, it is obvious to me that I need to try and stay on WordPress. There are some nice things about Tumblr, but with more custom-ability and the amount of traffic this blog gets compared to the other one, I can’t see it any other way. I could always just use my Tumblr account to host my pictures. I just need to try and take some more time to actually post on here.

The weather warmed back up yesterday and I could not stop thinking about going for a ride. I figured everything was muddy and went for the option that would be me some good miles in and probably have some company. So, that meant I grabbed a bunch of gear and loaded up the road bike before work. I put some feelers out for riding partners, but did not get the response that I thought I would have. As the day got closer, Brian ended up saying he would ride. Then last minute, Nick was back in town and wanted to join. He just had his phone on slow time yet and was almost an hour late for the ride.

Being that it had been several day’s since I have been on a bike, I was not upset when Brian said he had been sick the last few days and was not sure how strong he would ride. To start the ride out the pace was lets say a little spirited. I was happy that I was keeping up, but had some moments that made the legs hurt. I tried to just keep the wheel in front of me so I would not get spit out the back.

My pulls were not as long as the other guys, but I tried to keep the pace where they wanted to ride. I had to dig in to do that and was happy with being able to keep up. We ended up with 27 miles in and the first 20 said we averaged 20.5. I actually thought it might be a little more than that since every time I looked down we were running between 22 and 24+ mph. I know we slowed down for some turns and a few hills, but it did not seem like much. We still ended up averaging 19 mph for the whole ride even with a more casual pace and more city riding. The plan is to keep getting out during the week with a group that will continue to push me to the next level. I can’t expect to ride fast if I don’t ride fast.

Now I just hope my legs hold up for my ride on Saturday. I am meeting up with a few other guys to put in some gravel miles and test out the new Niner. The ride may or may not be top secret route planning for some future event. I may just be riding around lost and not really learning anything. So, I may not be doing anything other than riding or I might be working on that super secret route that will be the one that everyone wishes they thought of. Only time will tell or maybe it won’t. Either way, I am sure it will be all good with lots of smiles!

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