Better start running, it is much to late to jog

Well, I am still needing to get my butt in gear and start training. I hope I didn’t waste my time in spin class with my lack of riding or exercising since my membership ran out. I have rode a couple of time, but that is not near good enough. Last weekend was filled with seeing lots of people posting about their lengthy training session or worse yet, their nice ride outside. I did none of the above and to make matters even worse, I ate like a pig all weekend.

I did watch most of the Cyclocross Wolds live at least the ones that could be found on the internet. It made me want to be riding my bike and maybe a little inclined to try CX, but not really enough to do anything about it. I am not in to running much, so cross never sounds like a good idea to me. I did have a plan to get out and put in a good ride with some scouting for the upcoming Death March. With the forecast dropping each day, it was decided to postpone the ride and try again next weekend.

We got a little snow over the weekend and it didn’t seem as cold as I thought it would, but some other commitments kept me from getting on the bike outside. I really hate missing days to get out and even in the snow, but some commitments are just more important. I just wish they would not overlap do damn much. I can not say that there was no time for me to get on the trainer, rollers or elliptical, but I just didn’t have the motivation.

I feel like I am window shopping. I really want to ride or work out and be in great shape for the year, but as I look in the window with my stomach bloated out making my pants tight. I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open and most of my body hurts. It is much easier to walk away from the window and see what is on TV or just sit down and try to rest.

The second round of the Snake was also over the weekend. I really wanted to be there, but I am kind of glad I was not. It was cold and the creek was not dry. With the way my legs are feeling, I am sure it would have been a long miserable day on the bike. The only thing that might have made it nice was that it snowed for part of the race. I think that would have looked awesome.

I don’t know. Maybe my legs are not as bad as I think they are. The spin class started to do something and the rides I did do, I felt like I rode better than I figured I would. I just really need to get my butt in gear and start doing more than one ride a week or so. March is just around the corner and that will be the start of some races. This is no longer a jog. It is time to start sprinting.

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One Response to Better start running, it is much to late to jog

  1. Fat cog says:

    Fat Cog says; git on ur BIKE and Ride!!

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