Here comes the rain

The weather warmed back up as the week went on and it promised weather in the 60’s for Saturday. I could not pass up an opportunity to get a ride in. The only problem was I needed to go later in the day and the rain was supposed to roll in by then. I put some feelers out for possible rides with a little response, but not what I had hoped for. Some things changed and my morning opened up. I made contact with someone and before I knew it, there was a ride planed to go off at 8 am.

Friday evening was fairly busy and I didn’t get home early enough. I still had to get some gear together and make sure my road bike that had not been touched in quite some time was ready for the task. I got my things ready and went to bed as early as I could. For some reason my media volume on my phone was turned down and my alarm clock did not go off. Thankfully I woke up early enough to get ready and leave on time.

I was not sure what to expect the ride to be. I knew that the couple of guys that were going normally ride a spirited pace. When I showed up at the meeting place, I was shocked to see even more people than expected. Turns out there were six of us that went for a ride. It started out a little on the fast side and I was not sure if I could hold on. I was assured that the pace would get better. We cruised along at a good pace for most of the ride. I held held my own and managed to complete the ride with only being dropped for a few short sections.

We rode almost 44 miles and averaged 18.3 mph with a good head wind at the end of the ride. The temps were good, but a lot of the road sections were wet, so there was a lot of road grime and spray to deal with. I had to clean the bike before I could bring it in to the house. I had water pouring out of the holes in the back triangle. After cleaning up the bike and myself, I had to sit down and try to get my legs to feel better. My legs ached the rest of the day, but it sure felt good knowing why then felt that way. I really hope to keep getting out for some good rides like this one and get myself in to better conditions this year.

Speaking of some changes this year, I want to touch base on a change that started to take place this weekend. The 1×9 Misfit has been doing it’s job on the trail, but with some more gravel races and wanting to do better in the Dino series had me wanting a few more gearing options. Something came along that I could not pass up. I ended up buying a new frame and selling one in less than 24 hours. Maybe I should have asked for more money, but I felt like it was a fair price for the bike and I would much rather have it sell too quick than not at all.

Looks like I will be seeing this a lot more in the near future. I have some loose ends that I need to get it built the way I would like. The plan is to have her rolling good before the Death March. I will keep my fingers crossed that this works out.

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