Riding with snow on the ground

I would like to just call it a snow ride, but it was not exactly what I call a snow ride. I was getting asked to hit the trail on Sunday, but I had some places I needed to go and really was mot sure how the trails would be. It was also 15 degree out side and I was being a wimp. After a little thinking, the peer pressure had me wanting to get out. I grabbed some gear before I could really think about what I was doing and was headed out the door.

I figured I would only make it to the end of the sub-division before coming to my sense and turning around. But, I was actually hot when I got there. I knew already that I had over dressed my core. The cold had me scared and just put everything on that I could. Since I was not cold, I took the left turn on to the highway and off I was going. I didn’t really have a plan, so I didn’t know where I was going to end up. I headed out to an area that would give me a lot of options to go longer or shorter as needed. I did take a short stop to unzip my one jacket as I was still very hot.

It was great to be outside on the bike. It was not trail or gravel that I would have preferred, but I was still on the bike. The road was mostly cleared and only had to watch out for some drift sections and parts that were icy. I did ride a few sections that were ice covered and had to really watch for sudden movements, but never fell. Some of the more remote back roads I hit were more snow covered and a little more fun, but with the fun came more dangerous.

I ended up putting in just under 25 miles. I was very happy with this as it was way better than what I would have ended up doing and that would have been playing Black Ops 2 and not riding. The Surly was a little over geared for my legs, the wind and the road conditions, but it did its job. My insulated bottle even kept my water from freezing. The only issue I had on the ride was my toes. I don’t really have cold weather shoes and only had toe covers. They were doing fine for most of the ride, but as the wind picked up on the outer part of my loop, they started  to get cold. I managed to drag myself back home, but by that time I could no longer feel any of my toes. I knew they were there because I could see them, but that is the only reason. Eventually they warmed up and things were back to normal and I was happy having that burning feeling in my legs to let me know that I was out having fun on the bike.


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2 Responses to Riding with snow on the ground

  1. lampenj says:

    We haven’t had much snow up here in Holland so I’m a bit jealous of your picture if you can believe that. Looks like a fantastic winter day to ride!

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