Spinning wheels

The last week I have been wondering if I am actually doing myself some good or not. Deep down I know I am, but it sure does not feel like it. I have been going to spin class twice a week for the last two weeks and hitting the elliptical as often I can. I knew spin class would not be easy, but it is no joke. It is so much more than just spinning. I walk out of there each time completely drenched and wore out. I am not sure if it is getting any easier or not, but I seem to be doing better. I do know that I can stay on the elliptical for a longer time than I used to.

My big problem is that I really hope to start feeling some improvements from all this work other than seeing my weight go down slowly. So far all that I know is that my legs are hurting most of the time now. I was even off of work for a half of a day last Friday. The sun was shining and it looked great outside. I was planning on getting on the road bike for a little ride, but the legs were hurting bad enough that it was not hard at all talking myself out of it. I knew that I was supposed to go for a mtb ride at Ferdinand on Sunday and figured the rest would do them good.

The problem is that they still hurt on Saturday. With the rain we had late in the week and most of the group that was supposed to show up seemed to have backed out because of the weather. I talked myself in to not riding and passed it on that I was not going. Sunday morning I was trying to wake myself up and decide where I wanted to go for a road ride. I was not in too much of a hurry since the driveway was still wet. I ended up looking at my phone and saw someone posted that they were going to the mtb ride. It didn’t take long and I was trying to figure out if I had a bike that I wanted to ride.

I knew I should take the geared Misfit, but I had not rode it yet since I put it back together from the Gravel Grovel conversion. My biggest concern was the tires that are on there do not have a lot of tread and made more for hard pack trails. The SS had the better tire choice, but my legs were trying to tell me that it would be a bad idea taking the SS. I decided to give the tires a try and took the geared bike. I figured if the trails were in bad shape, we would probably end up riding some gravel anyway and the gears would be nice to have.

There were only 3 of us that showed up for the ride and even with the very heavy legs, I was happy that I went. I was climbing much slower than the rest of the group, but they were nice enough to wait up on me. We chose to skip the Kayana section since it is normally on the wet side, but just about all the other sections of trail were in great condition. Much better than I expected. The sections that were the most soft and wet were the fire lanes. That was really not a shock. The trails on the other hand were in very good condition.

They were heading out for a second lap and discussing their plans. I said to go where ever they want and I would go my own way. They tried to be nice and wait for me, but after climbing the Foxey Hollow, they said good bye and dropped me like I was sitting still. I kept trying to talk myself in to taking a shorter route and cutting off some trail, but I did not listen for most of that lap. I did decide to skip the Southridge section since my legs were toast already and figure I got a good enough ride in anyway. Strava says I climbed just over 1900 feet of elevation. I guess that was not a bad day after all. The only bad thing was trying to get my legs to work in spin class this morning. That was not easy at all. If my legs don’t start feeling better soon, it is going to get a lot harder for me to get out and ride.

On a side note about some of the changes I talked about in the last post, you might have noticed some changes to the right side of the screen. It seems that the team has picked up a couple of new sponsors for this year. It sounds like we might have some more additions, but nothing if finalized just yet. I have seen a first run of the new team jerseys without the sponsors on there yet, and they look pretty nice. They are similar to last years colors and look to keep the team look intact and not completely obsolete the rest of my gear. I also tried on the sample kits for sizing and I can not wait to get the new gear. I liked what we had for last year, but this new stuff is the bees knees! Look for some more updates on that as they get finished.

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