Can I get there from here?

After posts like the Gravel Grovel one, it makes me really wonder if I would just put a post about Gravel Grove, PMBAR or some other races every few days, would the traffic jump like that. Any time in the past after a race like that, I get a huge amount of traffic. Then shortly after, it goes back a very small group of people that stop by on a regular basis. I am not sure who these people are exactly, but it seems they don’t give up when I have trouble getting a post up frequently.

Team Dicky says that quitting blogging is the new thing to do. I don’t think I plan on quitting just yet, but with my non-frequent posts, I might already be closer than I want. The problem is unlike some other bloggers that fill their blog with witty posts and what not, I do not have such ideas. When I am not riding, I really don’t know what else to talk about other than maybe bowling. But, not sure too many of my biker followers really care how I do on the lanes. I care because when I win money, I get to buy new bikes parts.

There are some changes coming in 2013 and I just hope I can change with them. I am not happy with my performance this year much less the previous years. I think it is time for me to shit or get off of the proverbial pot.  I am trying to watch what I eat and plan on not getting too fat this winter. I am sure I am not doing what I should be doing, but if I can do anything more than what I have done in the past, it has got to be better. The last few years I always plan on getting in better shape over the winter and before I know it summer is here already. This year summer came and went before I knew it and still not in any kind of shape other than round. I have been off to a fairly good start the last two weeks and even went to my first spin class. I have a membership to a gym for two months. I hope to attend two spin classes a week and ride as often as I can.

Since my geared Misfit was still in Gravel Grovel mode, I took the ALC out to Ferdinand on Saturday. It was not a stellar performance  but way better than my last ride out there. The easier gear was kind of nice on the climbs, but I really didn’t like it on the flatter sections. My plan was to keep the 34t on the geared bike, but after that ride, I may have to re-think what gear to put on the SS. Maybe I will just order a 19t cog and see if it is a good happy medium. I don’t think I want to run 32×18 as we head in to winter.

The want list is long and the wallet is thin. Maybe some things will fall in to place and help me figure out what to put at the top of the list. I figure I will plan on racing a geared bike for the Dino series this year. I don’t like it, but I believe it really is that faster option for most races. The SS makes me climb faster, but those flats where I spin out are not good. Only time will tell.

Hope to see you on the trail or road.

The Dino series 2013 schedule

  • May 18 (Sat) Warsaw IN: Winona Lake Trail
  • June 2 (Sun) Nashville IN: Brown County State Park
  • June 15 (Sat) French Lick IN: French Lick Resort
  • June 30 (Sun) North Vernon IN: Muscatatuck County Park
  • July 22 (Sun) Versailles IN: Versailles State Park
  • Aug 11 (Sun) Logansport IN: France Park
  • Aug 25 (Sun) Indianapolis IN: Southwestway Park
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4 Responses to Can I get there from here?

  1. Lyle May says:

    Eric, I really enjoy your blogs. I read it whenever you post it and quite often will read it again later. I don’t know if you’ve ever read Steve Tilford’s blogs. I do daily and enjoy the insight he provides. Don’t always agree but they are good. Yours are very good and something I look forward to. I know they take time but please keep it up. I’ll try and ride with you more and give you more material to write about

  2. lampenj says:

    Hey, I’ll see you out in Warsaw on the 18th. I’m from MI but have friends who have a family cottage down there. You and I will both get a better sense of how our winter training program went. 🙂 On to my sprint simulation tonight….

  3. bentcrank says:

    Thanks guys! It is good to know my ramblings get put to some good use. Look out Death March!

  4. Eric
    Its hard to get up and go some days, Seems like our little group always keeps moving . Your blog helps motivate all us Bentcrankers!

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