Youngs Creek

This last weekend I joined a few friends for a ride at Youngs Creek. It has been several years since I have rode there, but I knew what I was in for. If you ever ride there, you won’t forget that there is some climbing to be found. I was not sure how well I would ride since I have not been on a bike since the Breakdown. This made the bike choice not as easy as normal, but never the less I settled for the SS.

I figure that the day was not going to be good when I got lost trying to get to the trail head. I had been there before, but I found a different way to get there or well sort of. I eventually got there and was actually on time. Not long and we were on our way. The weather could not have been better. The trails were covered in leaves, but were in great shape. We did a lap each direction and had a blast. The hills added up for my gearing choice, but I managed to ride very strong all day and had a great time with some good friends.

If you are interested in riding some good old school trails with plenty of climbing, but also some fun down hills that make it hard to keep your wheels on the ground and plenty of trees to get your groove on, then I recommend giving this place a chance. You just never know  what you will see. We saw hunters, hikers, horse back riders and even a rider who was kicked by their own horse.

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One Response to Youngs Creek

  1. bentcrank says:

    Man that post really sucked compared to the great day in the woods we had.

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