BC Breakdown

For this years breakdown I did it a little different than I have in the past. Normally I try to see if I can get the 100 mile round done with out really planning it out to fully complete it. I was realistic about my fitness level and my bank account, but didn’t want to miss out on a good time. So when I realized that I could volunteer to help out and still get some good riding in, I knew that was the answer.

I showed up Friday night to camp for the weekend and hang out with some great people. There was some great pickin all weekend and some good beer to be had both Friday and Saturday night. I think everyone had a good time and a few had maybe a little too much fun, but it was all good. The habanero jam was the bomb!! I know I had a hard time stopping myself from eating it.

Saturday I had signed up to help mark some trail. We had found out Friday night that what section we thought we were marking was already taken care of, so we were left to mark sections in the park. So, Damon and myself were joined by Lyle to mark some trail. The only time I was on those trails this year was the Dino race and I had yet to be on Green Valley. We ended up taking a little longer route than needed, just so I could check out Green Valley both directions. That trail did not disappoint!! I had also hopped on a couple of wheels to make the trip even more fun. Sally’s group was a blast and was not easy to keep up with.

With the trails marked and a good ride in, we headed back to camp to hang out some more and have a few more beers. Jon cooked up some awesome grub and Greg supplied just about everyone in the lot with some chicken legs. More beer was drank, more pickin was listened to and more Habanero jam was consumed. After Friday night, I wore out a little earlier and hit the sack a little early.

Sunday I was scheduled to work the Crooked Creek rest stop later in the morning. My plan was to ride the Yellowwood loop before I was supposed to work, but with the clouds above it was hard to be motivated to get out there. I finally decided to go ahead no matter what and headed out to the rest stop alone. The weather was looking better, so I suited up and took a lap.

I had a good idea of what to expect in Yellowwood and I was not disappointed. Plenty of back woods type trail with some good climbs to make the legs hurt. The legs were feeling it some from the ride the day before and the lack of sleep. My normal gear was feeling a little bigger than it usually does, but I still had a good ride. For most of my lap I was out there all alone. The leaves were looking good and the weather was great. If I just could have gotten my bottom bracket to stop creaking, it would have been a lot better. If the Breakdown heads back in to Yellowwood next year and you didn’t get that far this year, I would highly recommend making the effort to go that far. It is not as groomed or roller coaster as the park, but it is still a very nice area. I may have to head back for some hiking this winter.

After my ride I spent the rest of the day working the best sag stop of the event. Kirk Wheeler kept everyone fed well and happy. It was not a problem to refuel. It was great seeing the guys come rolling in and back out after being on their bike most of the morning to get there. Good times all weekend, so next year I suggest you sign up and help out HMBA while getting to link some great trails together that can only be linked together one day a year. Thanks to Sub 9 for all the hard work!!

Sorry I am a little slow on this post. You have also missed out on another fun gravel night ride. Maybe I will have time to talk about the next one.

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