Back to the back roads

Sorry for not posting. I have been way too busy to get too many bike rides in or post about anything. The surly is up and running again. I took her out Friday after work and ended up with a sweet epic ride. I didn’t have any plans, just go where the bike takes me. I found some gravel roads and some dirt roads. I explored some new roads that showed some promise. I will have to figure,out some new routes to use these new areas.

Here is the Surly in it’s current form. It is rolling sweet except I am not sure about my gearing choice. I will just keep trying it out to see if it gets any easier. I am still trying to figure out if I will ride this bike for the Gravel Grovel or will I work on getting a geared bike up and running. Since I already missed the lower price sign up, it leaves me a little time to figure out what bike I plan to ride.

Well, I am sorry you have missed out on a couple of really good rides. I hope to get back in to the swing of updating this a little more often.

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