Versailles Race

I know it has been a while since I have posted. I have not been riding much more then the number of posts. I made the trail to the Versailles race with only riding 2 times in the previous month. I decided to take the geared Misfit because of the lack of riding. The problem is that I had not been on it since the Brown County race and I stole the bottom bracket to use on my SS for the French Lick race.

Needless to say I didn’t have a lot of expectations, but felt the need to go race anyway. The Cat 2 40-49 class was huge and when we hit the woods it was a very slow train. Some would have been upset by this, but it let me warm up more to my own pace. I eventually passes a rider or two and was riding fairly well for me. I figured I must be riding decent since it took over 35 min. for the 50+ leaders to catch me and only a few of them got by me before the end of the first lap.

Starting the second lap I hit a wall and figured this was the bonk that I was expecting. I kept drinking and tried to eat something and settled in for a minute. It didn’t take me too long to start to feel a little better and I started riding harder again. I reeled in some other riders and made some passes with keeping most of the riders behind me. I did get passed by the leader of the Woman’s Cat 1 somewhere in the second lap. This too took a lot longer then normal, so maybe I am not riding too bad.

I pushed as hard as I could for the rest of the lap trying to pass as many as I could. I ended up finishing fairly strong, but wore out. I am very happy with my ride considering the lack of training. I had races this year where I should have been in a lot better shape and did not ride this well. I really don’t know what was the difference, I just wish I could figure it out. I really need to spend some more time on the bike, but finding the energy or time is not that easy right now. Maybe that will all change.

I ended up riding somewhere around a 1:38 and finished 55th overall and 18th in age group. That is the exact place overall that I finished last year, but I was almost 2 min. slower last year and thought I rode a strong race. It is hard to figure out things like that, but hopefully things keep getting better and faster. I know I could finish a lot farther up if I would just put a little effort in to my riding. I am not really concerned about placing well, but I really don’t like being out of shape and not riding stronger.

The year is half over. I can only hope that I can make the second half be stronger than the first.

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