Waverly Park XC

This Sunday brought about the second round in the Kentucky series with a stop at Waverly park. My last trip there was not the best experience. I was not sure what to expect. I had rode on Wednesday at Ferdinand felt good, but I am way behind on miles for the year.

Leading up to the race I had some work that needed to be done on the bike. I had that squeaking noise still going on and not sure what is causing it. I took the cranks apart and cleaned the bb and everything. It seems that I am still getting creaking and it seems to be coming from my pedal. I was just hoping it would not break before I could finish. I plan on changing back to my Time pedals when I get my new shoes in, but they will not be in until next week.

I also had some new tires that I wanted to put on. The back tire is a Trail King 2.2 and it is massive. They are just like the old Rubber Queens that I used to ride on my 1×1. The problem was that they were rubbing the frame. I figured if i was going to go threw the trouble of adding a link to the chain, I might as well make the gearing change that I was planning on changing after the race.

I was tired that morning and really feeling sore from throwing batting practice the day before. The race started up the road so I could ride my pace and get nice and warmed up. I was climbing good, but not really sure where I was. There were some in front and some off the back. It looked like i was at the tail end of the front. I had a little too much air in the front tire and had to watch the corners.

As I started the second lap I saw a couple of other SS riders. I passed one who had a flat tire, but I would eventually see him pull away from me again. I did run in to Chuck Clark and we had some good fun back and fort for most of that lap. We ended up all over each other as the loop was ending. It was a blast to be able to ride good enough to have a battle with someone. I am not sure where I finished yet, but I am happy with my effort. I think there might be a chance that I can get in shape yet this year.

The new gear really was not too bad. There was some climbing sections, but it was all ride able except for Montana. I actually made some good time in some sections. I really like the trail and should make more trips down there. Next weekend at Brown County will really let me know how well I am riding. I do plan on taking some options with me next weekend.

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