Racing the storm

I was hoping to get out on Friday after work since I was going to be at a soccer field most of the weekend. Everything was looking great right up to a few hours left for the day. The sky got black and the wind picked up. A strong storm came in and I thought my plans were spoiled. Luckily it was over by 5 and the sun was back out. I figured I would go home and get things ready to go anyway. It took a little longer at home than planned, but that was not that big of a deal. I just hoped that I would be done before the next round of storms came in.

I was going to take the SS this time, but I still have my gearing that I used for the snake on there and it had been since Feb. since I rode it. I went with what I thought was the safe bet and took the AL out for another ride. When I got there I thought I could do a lap before I needed lights and left the heavy one at the car. Later on I was very happy that I put the one light on the bike since the sun went down before I could get back to the car.

I went out for a full lap. I took all of the sections that I normally skip. I wanted to get a full gps map of all of the new stuff. I hope to use it to create a new trail map when I have some time. The section that was logged last year is growing up nice and starting to look like a smaller trail again. The new section of trail is awesome!! I want to thank everyone who put the time in to get that section created. I am sorry that it did not work out for me to get out there and help. I really wanted to do some of the work.

The trails were in great shape after the storm. The only places that were iffy was the fire lane section I believe is FL 7 or the one that goes to FL 7. There was two hills that I stopped to walk because the mud was building up on the tires and I figured it was not worth tearing up my bike just to ride it. I was not doing any damage to the trail as it was just a thin top layer that was sticky. If it was not for the logging, I don’t think that section would have been bad either.

After completing the lap, I stopped to grab the other light and headed out for some more. I took the short cut section over and finished up on the other side of the house. I decided to skip Southridge and take the road back to the car. There are a few sections that are really grown up and could use some weed eating. There were also a couple of trees down on the short cut section. The ticks are out bad this year. I have found several on my legs while riding the last 3 times out. I really hate ticks!!

My bike now needs some love to get the shifting working again. I hope to make the trip down to Ft. Duffield this weekend, but I am not sure yet. I will probably take the geared bike since I did not see a SS class. It really does not matter anyway. Maybe I should just take the SS so I really hurt! LOL

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