AHT redo

I know it has been a while since I have updated. I have had a lot of things going on and no time to get this posted. I went for another attempt at doing a full loop on the AHT on 3/24 with Damon. I hate to admit that I have not been on a bike since. I hope to get some things taken care of so I can get back to riding.

So, what can anyone really say about this trail that it does not say already. What is the AHT? Lets think about it for a minute. It is called the Adventure Hiking Trail. When you read a trail name like that, is there any way to confuse this trail with something that is anything close to normal?  The trail holds true to it’s name. No matter how big of a section I ride, it is always an adventure. It is also impossible to ride very far on this loop with out having to hike next to your bike.

You will be able to find several sections with some exposure. There are some technical down hills and plenty of crazy steep sections that can be very difficult to hike up. Don’t get me wrong, I love the trail, but it will add up to one difficult day on and off the bike. My gps had somewhere around 5000 foot of elevation gain for the section that we did.

I hate to admit that we decided to skip a section and head back toward the car. I am sure we would have been able to complete the full loop, but since I got us off to a late start we were running out of daylight. It was probably a good choice to cut it short, but I hope to head back again sometime and get the full loop in.

There was a common theme during the ride. No matter how fun the riding was, it was only around the next corner when we would be hiking again. I know some might think that I did some of that hiking because of the bike I was on, but it really does not matter how many gears you have, there are a ton of sections that are virtually impossible to climb. So, if you were thinking about trying this trail out, think twice about the name and what it might mean.

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2 Responses to AHT redo

  1. Greg says:


  2. Dean Jensen says:

    I was down to the woods weekend before last, and got in all the existing Fire Tower parts Plus the little lollipop done. Took a look at the cut off for AHT and then my watch on the way back and had to reluctantly give it a miss. I saw your map on hmba.org I can email you a GPX of the new section of FT if you’d like it.

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