Death March ver 2.0

As most of you know, the Death March has come and gone last weekend. I am sure the spike in traffic on Sunday and Monday was looking for my little spew about the weekend. Unfortunately there has been a lot of things going on and been too busy to write anything. So, better late than never.

The few weeks leading up to the Death March have been crazy busy. I got tied up at work and could not take off to attend the last stop of the Snake Creek Gap TT. I was looking forward to some of it, but not being in the shape I need to be, I was not looking forward to all of it. The good thing about all the pain was that it was taking me toward being more in shape for the Death March and the things beyond. Needless to say that with out going, I didn’t get near that kind of ride in, but was feeling ok about my condition.

I showed up on site Friday night and set up camp. There was a lot of RV’s in the parking lot and I was told about more camping down the hill. I thought it would be a lot more peaceful down there and it sure was. There was only one other person camping around the area I was. This blessing was also a curse for part of the weekend. Being down the hill, I was not around everyone when they started showing up. I had over slept some and was trying to get ready. I headed up the hill for registration and the line was longer than I thought it would be, but thankfully my teammate, Shawn Cooper who races for Bicycle Outfitters, was already in line and we were signed up fairly quick.

This had me going back down the hill to get ready. It took a little longer to put breakfast away and get ready to go. I even left the camp site two times and had to turn around to go get something I forgot. The last time was for the camera, doh! I thought I was late and already heard the siren go off, but after getting up to the parking lot I found that the race had not started yet. GOOD!

Made some quick discussion about the plan for the day and was ready to go. Shortly after the horn went and off we were. We headed left out of the lot and a lot of other riders went right. I am not sure if we were right or not, but last year we went right and most of the fast guys went left. Go figure!

I was riding fairly strong, but Shawn was on fire. Even when I was still riding strong, he would drop me like a hat. This trend continued for the whole ride except for the fact that I kept going slower an slower. Eventually I had to use my granny gear for some of the climbs and it was much slower from there on.

 I am happy about the event, but some things could have been better. We completed our main goal for the race and that was to get all of the check points. I am very happy about this since last year I missed one and with an added check point this year it is all good. But, seeing how strong Shawn was, I wish I could have been stronger and hard telling what time we could have finished in. The results have us in 59th place for the Men’s division and with all of the time bonuses we finished in 4:08. Not bad, but looking at the winners we were a little slow.

I plan on going back next year, but as usual I hope to be in better shape. I have a lot of weight to drop before the real racing season starts and it is not looking good. The main thing is to be riding strong enough to have even more fun. Sorry this is not as good as normal, but not a lot of time to get creative and re-live things. I would like to thank Sub 9 for putting on another well ran event that is too much fun to pass up. Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped and thanks most of all to Shawn for putting up with my slow ass all day with no complaints. He was even doing hill repeats in his big ring going to the last few check points. I just hope to get close to that fast this year.

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2 Responses to Death March ver 2.0

  1. Shawn says:

    You forgot to mention the mechanical within
    the first mile!! Haha. I had a blast!! Keep it real!

  2. bentcrank says:

    LOL, I forgot all about that. I still have no idea how that happened. At first I thought I just put it together wrong, but after thinking about it, I didn’t take the chain or the RD off. Not sure how the chain ended up on the wrong side of the pulley. I think someone was trying to sabotage us.

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