Time sure flies

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been too busy and stressed out with work and some other things going on. I hoped to get a ton of riding in before the last round of the Snake, but it is not happening. I have been doing more than nothing, but not much more. Last weekend I got out for a ride on the Surly. I headed to some hills to try and maximize the hurt and hurt it did. I wanted to turn around 4 miles into the ride and head back home. I had not even made it to the hills yet. Some reason I kept going and did the full ride that I had planned.

This could be the last ride for the Surly for a while. With the bike changes, I have to steal the wheels off of it to put together the bike I plan on riding for the Death March. I am keeping my eyes out for another set of 29er wheels, but most are more money then I have. I do have a nice set of 26″ wheels I could put on there, but that would make it not so attractive for a gravel bike.

I just hope to get out of this funk soon and get the itch to be out on the bike more. There are a lot of rides I wanted to do, but ended up talking myself out of. I just hope the next round of the Snake does not hurt as bad as the last. I might talk myself in to going back to the 17 mile route.

Shortly after that race the Death March will be here before I know it. Once we hit that point, the rest of the season will be quickly approaching. I know already that the Big Frog will hurt real bad. I am not looking forward to that much pain.

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2 Responses to Time sure flies

  1. prudogg says:

    Cohutta will be here shortly also…65ish days?

  2. Nathan says:

    Think of the last Snake this way.

    If you do the 17, you’ll be back at the party quicker.
    If you do the 34, you won’t. But that’s a long way to drive for 17 miles.

    I don’t even want to think about Cohutta just yet.

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