Changes in the stable

The new Misfit is here and ready for a ride. It did not go all as planned, but it will work out. I am still waiting on a couple of finishing touches, but it could be rode if the weather would work out. When most of the parts showed up, I figured there was time to build it up before the next round of the Snake Creek Gap.

The big mechanical issue happened when I took my cranks off of the old bike. Not only did I then realize the bb shells were a different size, I also noticed that the bearings did not work very well if at all. I tried to clean them up, but it didn’t make them work any better.

This issue made me stress a little and I ordered a new bottom bracket. But, the bike was still not set up and by the time the new bb comes in, I will almost be out of time to get it ready and do any testing. This problem would leave me only one other option and that would be take the geared bike and change classes. The classes don’t really bother me, but I would rather ride the SS. I need all the time I can get on my SS to train for the Big Frog.

Luckily I had a day to think about it and it finally hit me. My geared bike has the same crank set! duh! So, I took the crank set off of the geared bike, but the problem may not be solved. As I started to take the first side of the bb off, water started to pour out. I had a ton of water stuck in my frame. I could not believe how much poured out. this had me thinking that this bb could be shot too. But, thankfully it still spins smooth.

After that, it didn’t take me too long at all to finish building the bike. I took it around the yard and I liked it so far. It feels lighter than the old bike, but I am not sure. I just hope it is set up good enough to last for the 34 miles with out hurting me too much. I also hope that I can make it the 34 miles since I have not been on a bike out side since the last Snake. Is it too late to start training for this?

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4 Responses to Changes in the stable

  1. Rick says:

    You been jumping your bikes into lakes or what? I’ve never had water pour out of a bike before.

  2. Nathan says:

    I had several ounces of water pour out of the bottom bracket of my ti cyclocross bike after the last long, creeky gravel grinder we went on. It happens.

    Good luck on the 34 this weekend. I’ll be looking for you and that new Misfit. My geared bike is scheduled for a beating this time.

  3. bentcrank says:

    I hope to run in to you.

    Sounds like your geared bike might get wet.

  4. Jason says:

    Looks good…even with the pogo stick….

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