Good bye 2011

I ended the year up with a nice back road ride. It ended up shorter then I would have liked, but longer then I figured it would have been. Not sure that makes any sense or not. It ended up 33 miles and that was all I wanted. There was plenty of climbing and wind to make things interesting. I am still rolling that 42×20 gear with the fat Race King 2.0’s. It was a good combo for a lot of the ride, but sure hurt for some other sections.

The hard gearing is probably a good thing since I want to get stronger and the fact that I am signed up for the Snake Creek Gap TT series on my SS. One good thing about this is that I wimped out and signed up for the 17 mile version. I figure that I could see just how hard the 17 mile is before trying the 34 mile version.

It feels like I have a lot to do before next weekend. I already changed gearing and did a once over the bike. I am waiting on a tire to put on the back that should be here in a day or so, but it if does not make it, I will have to put a different tire on there then what is currently there. I started looking in my pack to make sure and have everything in there that I would want. For the new year I plan on being more prepared this year then what I have been in the last year.

I still need to put together my clothing options that I will be ready for different weather conditions. So far it is looking better then what it could be. I hope I don’t pack too much since I don’t know how much room will be in the car. I don’t think it will be an issue. The big thing that I am not sure about for this weekend is how my legs will feel on Sunday since that is the first bowling tourney for the year. I will not go if I don’t think I can bowl very good, but I would rather bowl.

Hopefully it will be a good start of the year.

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