Taking a second drink of coolaid

Not only was my first drink awesome, I figured it was so good that I needed to take a second drink. I have been torn between a few decisions for the last month or so, but when all the stars aligned, I decided to take a step. I might second guess myself at some point, but I don’t think I could have made a better choice of the two issues with out taking care of both issues at the same time.

Before we get to that, I wanted to let you know that I have signed up for the Snake Creep Gap TT series. Against a lot of suggestions that I didn’t really listen to, I signed up in the SS class. Yes, I know that it is hard and all that stuff. For some reason when I ask people if I should do something on my SS or on a geared bike, if the person does not ride a SS, after I I hear that I should take my geared bike every thing else sounds more like blah blah blah and I forget what they suggested.

I did have a few tell me to take the SS and those are the people that have a good understanding of what riding a SS is like. There are a lot of people that say you can’t or its too hard. I have yet to find a bike that is easy to ride, unless it has a motor. Well, I have had some trouble riding those too, but nothing a telephone pole wont help with. So, I listened to myself as to what bike I really wanted to ride. Yes, I may have to walk some stuff. That is not a shocker. However, I did chicken out some and only signed up for the 17 mile. I will see how it goes and maybe roll the 34 mile the next two events.

Now, back to my decision……. I now have another Misfit on the way. I will be replacing my AL with a ALC. I really had a lot of fun riding the AL over the last year, but have had a desire to try out a ALC. So, the dark side is getting a little darker since this frame will be black and not the raw that the other one is.

Now, before you can ask how can I. The AL is not getting kicked to the curb. However it will have to swallow some humility and take its place in the pecking order. She will receive a brand new drop out that allows for some shifty bits to be added and turned in to a 1×9 beast. This will probably be my go to bike for my XC races and the big stuff in NC.

The only issue I currently have with keeping both bikes running and wanting to not steal everything from the Fuji, I will be needing to get some parts. Mainly I will be trying to pick up a seatpost, stem and bars for the new ride, preferably in white. Looking for white parts have taken a few options out of the list, but I will have to keep looking. After those are all done, I will be looking for a drop bar and brake/shifter levers to put on my Fuji and turn it in to a monster cross gravel beast. Lots to do and in my opinion can not happen soon enough, but I will have to just wait until it all comes together.

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2 Responses to Taking a second drink of coolaid

  1. Rick says:

    Why spend the extra dough on the Fuji with shifty stuff? Make it a SS monster. That’s the plan for my Karate Monkey.

  2. bentcrank says:

    I already have a SS monster with the 1×1. Some times long gravel rides it helps to have some gears. I am not sure the fuji will ever get to that condition before I end up buying a CX bike to do the job.

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