Back on the bike

I had been wanting to get out on the bike for the last few weeks, but some things have kept me from it. Last weekend it was the last bowling event for the year. It was a invite only event for the people who finished at the top in the points and the entry fee was waived. I didn’t do too bad and did make 2 cuts, so it was well worth the effort.

I finally fixed the flat on the Surly I had from the Gravel Grovel. I put the Race King 2.0 tires back on there and swapped the gear from a 42×22 back to the 42×20 that I had on there before. I was determined to get out this last weekend to test it out. When Ralph said he was going for a gravel/back road ride, I knew I was in. It was decided to go Sunday and we waited a little before we started to let the sun come up. The weather sounded like it was going to be real cold. I took a few clothing options to decide when I got there.

For some reason I went a little lighter then I felt I needed to, but it turned out to be more than needed. The sun was shining great and the roads were a blast. There were a few good climbs to keep it interesting, but there were sections that let me recover. The bigger tires were a nice addition that helped on the ride comfort, but the new gearing options was not the most pleasant. There was several times I found myself cussing my gearing choice, but I feel like I climbed just fine.

I only had to walk one small section that I was not real happy about, but it did follow one of the steeper sections on the ride and near the end. I was happy that I rode the steep part, but I could not maintain for the next section that was still a good climb. With that being said, then maybe the gear option is just what I need. I want to get stronger before the new season starts and what better way to get stronger then to make it hurt.

It was great riding with friends and on a route that was fun. I hope to keep these kinds of rides up as they help push me to go harder and it keeps it more fun. It is so easy to back out of a ride when you are the only one going. Heck, I even felt like backing out of the ride half way threw, but since I was not alone I had to push on. It was not long enough of a ride to back out, but it did feel longer then the miles show. Here is a little image of the route that we did. I really don’t know how it will look or if the link will work, but here we go. Edit: the link on the image did not work. Click here to see full gps info.

Time is running out on making some decisions for some events next year. If I wait too long, some will sell out and other will just cost me more. I have been thinking about hitting the Big Frog 65 this year. I know better then signing up for another 100 until I can make some major gains on my training. I am also trying to figure out if I want to do the 3 Snake Creek Gap races or do the Southern Cross. They both are in the same area, so it would be either going for one race or going for 3. I have been leaning on the Southern X simply because I could not find someone to ride with me for the Snake races. This problem just might be solved. This is good news as I would rather race trail over gravel, but this means I better step it up because I will be racing in 3 weeks, not 2 months and that is a little scary. I guess I better try a little harder to get to that next level.

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